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How to Find the Perfect Senior Care Packages for All Levels



Aging is something that happens to all of us if we’re lucky to make it that far along. Some challenges come with getting older. Sometimes it requires a little or a lot more assistance to get things done.

Senior care packages customize living arrangements and care for older individuals. Consider how the individual handles physical and mental tasks. Someone who is temporarily injured will require one level, whereas a stroke patient or someone living with Alzheimer’s may necessitate something completely different.

Rehabilitation Care: Those who exit the hospital after surgery or an accident may require temporary use of an occupational therapist. This individual assists patients in rehabilitation, such as regaining flexibility. Some patients have to learn to walk, talk, and even eat all over again. The therapist is there to assist them until they no longer need such an intense form of care.

Home Health Aide: Not all seniors will require live-in help. In circumstances where they cannot drive and need someone to run errands or help them prepare meals, a home health care aide is useful. They also help seniors get dressed, apply cosmetics, do laundry or wash dishes. It is like having a helpful companion. They usually come once a day for a few hours.

In-Home Care: Some individuals need a higher level of assistance but do not want to move into a skilled nursing facility. A live-in nurse allows them to stay in a place in which they feel comfortable and still receive a high level of care. These nurses make sure patients get to their doctor appointments, take their medication, and eat properly. They can check vital signs and observe a patient for any signs of changes that may require hospitalization.

Assisted Living: Assisted living facilities are more of a retirement community. These facilities provide a living situation in which residents continue with everyday activities while residing with other older adults. The facility arranges transportation to doctor appointments, as well as entertainment, shopping, and more. They usually have a cafeteria-style dining situation.

Nursing Home: One of the more commonly chosen senior care packages involves a nursing facility. Nursing homes have a variety of patients and medically trained staff. They have patients that require around-the-clock attending. Many have been injured and are rehabilitating; others have no control over motor functions.

Independent Living Communities: These communities are usually open to persons that are age 55 and up. Unlike an assisted living facility or nursing home, seniors reside in a planned community. They may have a live-in nurse or live alone. They are free to come and go as they please. They have their own home or apartment, but much of the exterior maintenance is taken care of by the managing association.

On occasion, the senior may need to be reassessed for any changes in behavior, mental capacity, and physical movement. Senior care packages require adjustments if the person gets better or worse.