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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Nursing Home



Nurse practitioners: filling a vital need

When we finally admit that it is time to go to a nursing home, we are already at a pretty low point in our lives. We don’t want to admit that we now need help taking care of ourselves… and sometimes our family has to make the decision for us.

Whether you are signing your own life away or whether you’re thinking of putting your loved one into a nursing home; read this article first. Here we will discuss some of the mistakes to avoid making when you are deciding which nursing home to opt for.

How NOT to Choose a Good Nursing Home

There are a few things you need to think about when you are making the decision of which nursing home to put a relative into. We’ll explain what NOT to do, and why. If you are choosing palliative or end-of-life care, you really need to pay attention…

1 – Choosing a “Local” Nursing Home

Loads of families choose the nursing home that is closest to them so that they can be near their family members. Although this strategy comes from a good place – the nearest is not necessarily the best.

To find a good local nursing home put the question to friends and neighbors. Most of us have placed an elderly relative at some point. Ask around enough and you will gain an accurate overall picture of local services.

2 – Make Your Choice Based On Busyness…

Busier homes are likely to have less staff per person than a quieter home will. On the other hand, a nursing home might be quiet because it has a bad reputation. We recommend that you ask blunt questions of any potential home regarding staff numbers on shift. You will find they are likely to tell you if they are overworked and underpaid. If this is the case – find somewhere else.

3 – Forget About Credentials

It doesn’t take all that much in terms of education to become a care home assistant. Don’t forget to look out for extra credentials. Nursing staff that are always training is a sign of a well-oiled, neatly run operation. Ask if they are ever put through specialist courses or what the training situation is.

4 – Ignore Technology

You might not think tech has a big part to play in nursing homes but it’s really significant in real-life scenarios. The staff might use small ‘cranes’ to lift and move patients, they might have meal-times, turning times, and bed checks all on a timer. Some nursing homes have pressure pads alongside resident’s beds. These set off an alarm if the patient wanders in the night…

5 – Be Blind to the Statistics

According to Rosenfeld Injury lawyers, who deal with numerous bed sore injury cases, bedsores are a common complaint in nursing homes that are understaffed. Since most homes are run for-profit, this means most are likely to be at least a little lacking in nurses. There is one known preventative measure for pressure sores and that is regular movement. Patients that can’t move themselves need help moving. That’s why they go into care.

If you feel you made a bad choice in a nursing home for you or your loved one, then all is not lost. You always have the option to move. Nobody deserves maltreatment in their golden years. Don’t suffer in silence.

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