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Living Life And Managing Pain



Pain, whether it is physical or emotional, is something most people do not want to deal with. However, for some, it is a constant and chronic roadblock to carrying on with a normal life. All types of pain may lead to other issues, including depression or anxiety.

These can result from the sufferer no longer believing they can actively participate in the activities and hobbies they once loved.  Treatments of such discomfort can vary depending on the person’s tolerance level.  Doctors who prescribe these treatments may also have to take into consideration any other underlying medical conditions such as heart problems or diabetes that may be adversely affected by the course of treatment.  Patients looking for relief in New Jersey may want to visit one of the pain management doctors in the state.

Nonsurgical Treatments

The types of treatments available depending on the patient and the location of their pain.  For example, chronic back pain may be treated using a variety of non-surgical techniques.  These techniques may include:

Surgical treatments

If the patient does not receive the desired pain relief through non-surgical treatments his or her doctor may recommend surgical intervention.  One type of surgical device that is available for use in chronic pain sufferers is spinal cord stimulation.  This type of intervention may not fully relieve the patient’s pain. However, it is designed to let them get some relief and make the pain more manageable. Stimulation is designed for patients who have undergone failed back surgery. Patients who suffer from complex regional pain syndrome and pain following an amputation may also find relief in this device.