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Pain Relief Products For Your Holiday



It’s a common scenario – you’ve booked holiday months in advance, and then a week before you’re due to jet off on your travels, you suffer an injury or get sick. We’ve all been there.

Now, it’s the day before your holiday. You’ve recovered somewhat, but not fully – you’re still experiencing some pain.

In these situations, it can be tough to know what to do. Now that you’ve committed and paid for this holiday, do you cancel your plans and try to get your money back? Or do you follow through on your holiday plans and go, but risk having a bad experience, or even making your condition worse?

If you’re not sure, you can always approach your doctor for advice – but understandably, there are some cases where this might not be feasible due to time constraints. Or, your doctor might even leave the decision up to you.

In many cases, those experiencing pain who are looking to get away can take measures to limit their discomfort, and get the most out of their holiday. Here are some common products you might consider taking away to help you:


Ibuprofen is a versatile pain medication and doesn’t carry as many side effects risks as other, stronger medications. Whether you’re recovering from injury, susceptible to headaches, or suffering from severe menstrual pain, ibuprofen is a handy treatment to have with you when staying away from home. (Those with an allergy or intolerance to anti-inflammatories might consider Paracetamol instead.)


If you suffer from migraines, the last thing you want is for one to crop up and derail your holiday. This medication is very effective for combatting pain associated with migraines but is only available on prescription – so ensure that you take your prescription and the relevant paperwork with you, so you aren’t held up at customs.


Voltarol is an anti-inflammatory which is great for relieving joint pain – particularly handy for those with joint trouble who are planning a physically active holiday. You can also buy it in a heat patch form, which is designed to apply at night to relieve back pain. Again, Voltarol is only available in higher doses with a prescription, so be sure to pack all your paperwork if necessary.


When you’re going somewhere hot and already suffering from pain, the last thing you need is for sunburn to make the situation worse. As well as taking and regularly applying sun cream, be sure to pack a quality after-sun care product. This will also help to soothe the pain in any sun cream spots you’ve missed!