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Care Quality Commission And Nursing Homes



The UK has an aging population in the sense that people are now living much longer than previous generations.  Much of this is to do with lifestyle improvements as well as advancements in medical health.  The government is trying to address these issues by dealing with the constraints within the NHS.  In addition, problems with the state pension are being addressed by increasing the retirement age and the date when an individual can start to receive their pension.

Much has been made in the media about the costs of care.  However, in times of austerity, it is important to balance economic efficiency with human rights when it comes to caring for the elderly.  It is for these reasons that the Care Quality Commission must constantly monitor how care homes are run and how domiciliary care is being administered.

The Care Quality Commission must seek to ensure that the balance is found between making sure that costs are kept to a minimum when it comes to caring and that the care administered is to the right level.

Care homes are often criticized for the way they are run and it’s important that the financial elements are balanced with the need to provide a safe, dignified environment for the elderly.  Often, the decision to enter a care home is taken by the family and individual concerned following a period of discussion.  It is often one of the hardest decisions for a family to make.  They therefore will want to ensure that the family member entering the home receives the best possible care.

This is where the role of the Care Quality Commission becomes integral.   Recent reports have found that the key thing people want from residential or domiciliary care is to feel listened to and respected.  They want to be treated as a person and not a number.

There is no doubt that the Care Quality Commission is happy that most care providers are delivering a good level of service.  However, it is important to note that there are still instances where individuals have been affected by late or missed appointments, lack of continuity of care, and other issues arising as a result of poor care.

The Care Quality Commission must ensure that individuals are given the right to be treated as a person.  They should be able to exercise personal choice in terms of their care.  Above all, the elderly should be safe in the knowledge that their carers are fully aware of their actual specific care needs.