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Care Costs to Be More Affordable



The government is looking to change the cost of care home fees as many families are struggling to pay the price of looking after their elderly relatives.

Government ministers have recently announced a scheme that is set to cap the sum of money that many people have to pay towards care to make it much more affordable.

Ministers have also questioned whether or not they should raise the sum that people have to find to £100,000 before the state make a financial contribution.

Capping these care costs and increasing the threshold for receiving the state funding has been agreed by the government, however, it will have an impact on care in general as these are the biggest changes to the industry since 1948.

The reported that Andrew Lansley, health secretary, announced a further consultation over the cap, which Mr. Dilnot argued should be £35,000.

As many people are living longer these costs will have to be reduced so that people can receive the necessary care they need.

If you feel like a member of your family has been paying huge amounts for their care fees it is likely that you might be able to obtain these costs and get a proportion of the fees back.

For instance, if you feel you are eligible for continuing care you can submit an assessment that could allow you to claim back any previous fees you have paid.

Mr. Farrar added “For the sake of the NHS, local authorities, patients and carers, we all need a resolution now,” he said. “The public needs open and honest information about what costs in the future will be covered by the state and what costs will be covered by individuals.”