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Gaming is a Disease or a Personal Choice?



Modern technology and new inventions bring a lot of excitement to any society. With the pride of technological advancement comes a certain degree of disappointment when released and implemented. Computer game addiction is basically entertainment technology achievement taken too seriously. Playing unhealthy amounts of computer games or excessive gambling is one of the modern health issues caused by technological development in the multimedia design and drafting industry.

The increase of engagement in the virtual world, especially among younger citizens is phenomenal. This leads to many people being diagnosed with gaming addictions – playing too much is officially a disease. However, how do you distinguish between a playful afternoon and a destroying addiction?

Although science manages to diagnose people with gaming addictions, there are no official diagnoses. However, there is a commonly agreed on a list of symptoms to look for when identifying an addict.

When children or teenagers spend too much time in front of the blue screen killing monsters and terrorists it often affects their school grades because they lose focus and interest. Additionally, their family connection might weaken due to the lack of interest. Adults often struggle with work; and their productivity decreases when they get carried away with building Rome or solving virtual puzzles. One of the most noticeable symptoms is a disconnection with their usual engagements such as sport, social commitments, or family events; avoiding home, school, and work commitments.

Gamers often stay up late to continue playing their games. Computer games are often overly engaging, which makes the players ignore the time of the day, tiredness, or even hunger and thirst. This alarming behavior can result in addicts hurting themselves. Not enough sleep, dramatic lack of nutrition due to poor eating habits, disconnected relationships, neglected commitments, and many other consequences are often blamed on graphic designers creating virtual worlds where many kids and adults often get stuck in.

However, as well as junk food, tobacco, or alcohol, gaming is just another fad that is in demand among people with addictive personalities. Many argue that it is a free choice for everyone whether to expose themselves to a virtual world or ignore it. There are as many people who are bored with computer games as there are gaming junkies.

The creation of virtual realities is a valuable technological achievement that made architecture, building, and constructions much easier than it was for example back in Ancient Egypt. Gaming is a smart business decision of entrepreneurs who were quicker than others introducing alternative reality for everyone interested in escaping the current one.