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Five Reasons to Wear a Right Hand Ring



Diamond rings are traditionally worn on the left ring finger. This tradition started during the 16th-century. The left ring finger symbolizes love and loyalty. Although wedding rings are still worn on the left hand, right-hand diamond rings are the new trend. For those who have wondered about the latest direction, here are five different reasons to wear a diamond ring on your right hand.

1. Financial Independence

Women no longer need to rely on men for a diamond ring. In this day and age, the world is full of working women. If a woman likes a ring, she can buy it for herself. Buying and wearing a right-handed ring is a sign of financial independence. It’s the perfect way for women to show that they can support themselves; they don’t have to get engaged to wear a beautiful ring.

2. Family Treasure

A wedding ring is often a family treasure that is passed from one generation to the next. Rather than keeping the precious heirloom in a box or safe, many people choose to wear the ring on their right hand. This is an excellent way for people to be reminded of their family. Not only that, but the ring represents family values and traditions. Not all diamond rings need to be worn on the left hand.

3. Cultural Variations

Some people choose to wear a ring on their right hand due to cultural differences. Certain cultures believe diamond rings are meant for the right hand and not the left. This trend is especially prevalent in Poland, Columbia, and India. Also, it’s a widespread belief in Greece. Therefore, culture is another reason for people to wear a right-handed diamond ring.

4. Individuality

When people wear a diamond ring on their right hand, it’s a way to express their unique personalities. Rather than being limited by customs and tradition, they are displaying a level of individuality. People can choose any style of ring that they want.

5. Convenience and Functionality

Some people are left-handed; therefore, they may choose to wear a diamond ring on their right hand. It can be difficult for people to wear a fancy ring on their dominant hand. Musicians, for instance, may not want the ring to interfere with their ability to play. It’s often easier for left-handed people to wear a ring on their right hand. It’s a great way to ensure that the ring is not being subjected to wear and tear.