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Exploring the Value of Family Friday Programming



Exploring the value of family friday programming

Family involvement and support is paramount in helping loved ones become recovered from eating disorders. Effective eating disorder treatment centers may offer Family Friday programming to help boost family involvement for their patients.

With its focus on education and therapy, the family-centric programming provides immense support in treating eating disorders in women. Exploring the value of Family Friday programming can help loved ones better understand the importance of this process and their overall involvement in residential or day or outpatient eating disorder treatment.

Family Friday Programming Activities

Eating disorder treatment centers give family members a look into the daily care process to foster understanding and build a strong social support network for their patients. Here are a few activities patients and their families can complete together during Family Friday programming.

Class Sessions

Class sessions help introduce eating disorder treatment concepts in easy to understand lessons. The lessons may cover nutrition and movement topics related to becoming recovered from eating disorders. The lessons also discuss treatment philosophies designed and implemented by the professionals at residential and outpatient eating disorder treatment centers.

Multi-Family Group Luncheon

The multi-family group luncheon offers families a chance to see how mealtimes are approached in residential or outpatient eating disorder treatment. The multifamily group dines and talks together with guidance from a skilled therapist. The mealtimes offer true insights on how meals are prepared and served in the treatment center and how to best approach this process at home.

Family Therapy

Individual family therapy gives the patient and their family members a chance to discuss their thoughts and feelings related to treatment. These sessions are held in a private setting to allow for the free sharing of information between family members.

Therapists will likely utilize the therapy model preferred in the treatment of the patient to give the family additional insights into the process of treatment and recovery.

Benefits of Attending Family Fridays at Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

Attending Family Friday programming can offer patients and their family members numerous benefits. Explore these benefits in full to see how attending these family-centric events can be beneficial.


With education about eating disorder symptoms, causes and treatments, family members gain increased understanding about what their loved one is going through in treatment and on the path to rcovery. The educational process frees the patient from having to deal with incorrect notions and ideas from their family members. The family can also learn what to expect throughout the residential and outpatient eating disorder treatment process through the educational sessions.


As with all visits to eating disorder treatment centers, Family Fridays open the doors for collaboration between the patient, their family and the care team. The ability to collaborate and work together keeps everyone on the same page throughout treatment. This is especially important when it comes time to complete exposure experiences outside the walls of the eating disorder treatment centers.


Above all, attending Family Friday programming is an immense show of support for the patient as they acquire treatment for eating disorders in women. The day-long visits give the patient an opportunity to build understanding and strengthen their bonds with family. Developing a strong social support network is integral to the recovery process and helps ensure the success of the patient as they transition from the eating disorder treatment centers to home.

Finding Treatment for Eating Disorders in Women

When treating eating disorders in women, it is important to promote family involvement every step of the way. With effective Family Friday programming, eating disorder treatment professionals can help their patients build and strengthen their social network. With strong family bonds in place, patients can move forward in recovery. To learn more about treatment for eating disorders in women, contact the admissions specialists at Oliver-Pyatt Centers at 866-452-7206.

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