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Get Rid of Insomnia Once and For All: 10 Ways to Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep



There are few things more frustrating than constantly tossing and turning at night, knowing that every second that passes brings you a second closer to having to get up and is a second more of sleep you have missed out on. Not being able to sleep is a common problem to which everybody has their own solution. From one of the oldest tricks in the book like counting sheep to something that your auntie Mable swears on like doing the foxtrot around your local neighborhood whilst making a hooting noise like an owl, they’ve all been done. However, here are ten sure-fire ways to banish sleep deprivation for good.

  1. The bed is for sleeping only – Only get into bed when you are tired enough to fall straight to sleep. If you can’t sleep, get out again. This way you will learn to associate going to bed with sleeping.
  2. Establish a routine – Try to go to bed at the same time every night – even at weekends. This will help your interior body clock get used to preparing your body for sleep around bedtime.
  3. If you have to count sheep, make them blue – Visualising animals that are the wrong color requires more use of the creative side of your brain. This will help to take your mind off the thoughts that are keeping you awake.
  4. Avoid large amounts of caffeine in the evening – This is a more obvious one but it is important to remember that products such as chocolate and pain killers contain caffeine.
  5. Don’t drink yourself to sleep – You may be tempted to have a few alcoholic drinks to ease the tension that not being able to sleep can create but this is not wise. Although alcohol can make you feel sleepy; it will affect the quality of your sleep, leaving you more tired in the morning.
  6. Create a relaxing atmosphere – This can be done by lighting some candles or having a warm bath. Try to rid your mind of troublesome thoughts and avoid watching the television at a high volume.
  7. Drink a glass of warm milk – Milk is high in calcium which helps to make the nerves in our bodies more relaxed.
  8. Get some exercise – Make sure you get some light exercise during the day. Failing to use up this energy will leave you tightly wound at night and will lead to fidgeting in bed.
  9. Try to remember something you’ve never remembered before – Frankly, this is impossible but that’s irrelevant. The act of trying to remember something that you’ve never remembered before will trick your brain into forgetting about the things that are keeping you up.
  10. Buy comfortable bedding – This includes making sure your duvet and sheets are of good quality and don’t leave you too hot or too cold. Also, make sure that your mattress has the proper support and is tailored to your needs.
  11. Bonus: You can also incorporate sleep aids. Sleep aids are supplements that can help you sleep better. Check the best sleep aids and get rid of that insomnia for good.