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How to Choose a Wedding Ring for a Man



How to choose a wedding ring for a man

There are not a lot of things that are specifically for the groom to choose during wedding preparations. The groom picks his partner’s engagement ring, and then he chooses his suit, but he may give little thought to his own wedding band. But this is a shame, since there is now such a wide choice in wedding bands for the man. Men can select a ring that will truly match their personality, style, and budget. Here are some things to look out for when choosing the best ring for the groom.

Choose Your Metal

Wedding bands do not only come in gold. If gold is your thing then you can choose a traditional gold wedding ring but you can also pick from other precious metals. There’s white gold, which has a sheen and a tone similar to silver, platinum, rose gold, and other precious metals. Platinum is an extremely tough metal and is also highly hypoallergenic. You can keep the costs down by choosing a metal that is not gold or platinum, or you can opt for a mix of metals or a recycled metal blend which is better for the environment.

Look at the Width

How wide the ring is makes a big difference to the overall look of the band on the finger. Men may feel there is really not much to choose from in terms of width, but looking at the options it is clear that there are choices to be made. A wider ring will look bolder and more distinctive on the finger but it is also likely to be a little more expensive. With a wide ring you can also add more distinctive detailing.

Check the Fit

Depending on your taste, you can get a wedding band that is curved at the edges or flat. If you are the type of guy who wants to wear a ring that is highly comfortable you could opt for the curved fit, with rounded edges that are easy on the skin.

Decide on the Detailing

Men’s wedding bands no longer come in plain gold and plain gold only. You have a range of options in the detailing including added precious stones like diamonds, engraving, or the addition of coloured elements such as camo detailing – take a look here at a great selection of mens wedding bands, for example. Engraving can be subtle and even disguised – you can have a ring engraved on the inside so the message is private only to you.