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How Movember is Shining a Light on Mens’ Health



A current popular trend is anything mustaches from the facial hair, prints on t-shirts, glass wear to women’s accessories. But mustaches are more than just a trend; it’s a way for everyone to become more aware of men’s health and what can be done to improve it by participating in Movember. Having started first in Australia and growing into a world-wide occasion, Movember is a month-long event during November to promote men’s health with donations, events, and of course-growing out mustaches.

Informing Others About Men’s Health

Some people may be unaware of men’s health issues because it’s not as openly discussed as much as women’s health. By promoting men’s health during Movember, more people feel open to discuss it regarding illnesses and diseases such as prostate and testicular cancer. Movember doesn’t just focus on types of cancer that are only susceptible to men but also lung cancer, breast cancer, heart disease, and depression as well. During this time men will often go visit their doctor for a regular checkup and health screening.

Movember also promotes living a healthy lifestyle such as eating better, exercising more, and dropping bad habits such as smoking and drinking too much on a regular basis. Movember can act as a means to remind everyone about the importance of having good health as well.

Participating in Movember

Participating in Movember is not just for men. Though most likely a woman will not take part in growing a mustache, she can show her support in other ways such as t-shirts and accessories that sport the iconic facial hair. Organizations and university campuses will hold events all month long to help promote good health for coworkers and students.

Larger cities have been known for holding fundraising events as well that bring all organizational participants together at the end of Movember to celebrate in their success in fundraising and bringing awareness to the communities. The LIVESTRONG Foundation has even paired up with organizations to promote the cause for awareness of men’s health.

There are many ways to get involved in Movember. As mentioned, many workplaces and university campuses take part in bringing awareness to their community. Promote no shaving for the month or host an event for everyone to attend with the opportunity to donate money to go to health organizations. Have a contest for who can grow the best mustache or the most iconic handlebar, walrus, cowboy mustache, etc.

For those who rock mustaches or wear accessories to support Movember, services could offer deals or specials on select items to those customers with the proceeds going to charity. It might seem like a common thing to do, but have a bake sale event with mustaches iced on cupcakes and cookies or straws with attached mustaches for beverages.

Any idea is a great idea to get more people involved and learn about the importance of being aware of men’s health before, during, and after Movember. Start brainstorming ideas today to come up with how you too can help bring awareness to Movember.