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5 Ways Sports Headphones Enhance Your Workout



Listening to music while you’re exercising can help you perform well, stay energized, and enjoy yourself more. One of the secrets to staying fit is to get a kick out of your exercise routine, and music can definitely let you have more fun. With the right sports headphones, you can improve your workout in at least five ways.

1. Music Gives You Staying Power

If you want to override your brain’s message that you are getting tired during a workout, listen to music on your headphones. The right tunes can distract you and keep you moving through waves of exhaustion. Because you’ll be working up a sweat, be sure to look for headphones that are:

  • Sweatproof
  • Washable
  • Antimicrobial

2. Beats Make You Work Harder

Studies show that fast songs make you work harder than slow songs. Music that contains 120 to 140 beats per minute is considered optimum for maximizing your efforts. Anything faster or slower can decrease your performance. Slower songs, however, can be great for cool-down periods. Make sure the headphones you buy are:

  • Wireless In-ear
  • Optimized for long-wearing
  • As clear as wired models

3. Film Tunes Have Impact

 Musical scores from movies can have an impact on your exercise routine. There are certain characters in films who are inspiring to watch, because they push through adversity to achieve success. In fact, you probably cheer right along with her or him during the movie. When you hear that same music again, it can make you pedal, swim, or run faster in memory of the heroic feats. Be sure to listen to your tunes through a device that:

  • Is slim and lightweight
  • Has an extremely low profile
  • Can be worn with helmets and goggles

4. Music Lets You Relive Memories

Songs can motivate you while you’re working out. This is especially true if you select music from positive, powerful events of your life. Did you grow up with classic rock, gospel music, or country tunes? Did your school play a particular song when the football team scored a goal? If you channel your good memories through your music, it can enhance your physical performance. Since you’ll probably be lost in the zone during your workout, make sure your headphones have:

  • Reflective safety trim for nighttime workouts
  • Voice-activated calls to cut down on multi-tasking
  • Easy on-ear controls to simplify use

5. Tunes Improve Your Mood

It’s not just your body that becomes fit while exercising. Tunes can improve your mood, as well. Many people find that their attitudes change when they listen to upbeat music. Rhythm and song lyrics can help you escape negative self-talk and become more self-aware. When you’re finished with your workout, the accomplishment can make you feel great, too. Select headphones with:

  • 30-foot wireless range
  • Angled tips that form to your ear

Over the years, athletes have discovered the power of music to improve their workouts. Not only does listening to inspirational playlists make your exercise routine more enjoyable, it can give you the boost you need to bike, swim, or run faster. If you want to stay motivated, enhance your performance, and keep a positive attitude, wear sports headphones during your workouts.