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Top 5 Reasons To Get An Annual Health Screening



Many times, an annual health screening is something that gets overlooked. With so much going on in life, people readily forget to schedule this much-needed checkup. Take a close look at five excellent reasons professional physicians give for not wanting to miss this year’s annual health exam.

Reduce Risk of Having a Heart Attack

Heart disease is very common. By getting an EKG, especially for people over 35 years of age, it becomes possible to reduce the risk of having a heart attack by 47 percent. For people who are over 40, it is smart to ask for a stress echo during an annual checkup because this can further reduce the chances of having a heart attack. During the screening, patients should remember to ask their physicians about the common and uncommon symptoms that often lead up to a heart attack.

Identify Chronic Diseases

Unfortunately, many people suffer from some type of chronic disease but are not aware of it. In fact, in America, over 133 million people have an undiagnosed chronic disease. By taking part in an annual health screening, it becomes much more likely that a chronic disease will be diagnosed; thus, allowing a treatment plan for the disease to be formulated. With proper care and treatment, many chronic diseases can be non-life-threatening. Great things to discuss with a physician to help his or her identify a chronic disease are changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, and much more.

Reduce Chances of Dying from Cervical Cancer

For women, taking part in an annual health screening is of the utmost importance. This type of exam can lessen a woman’s chances of dying from cervical cancer by 70 percent. According to Dr. Deanna Howard, “Finding these types of cancer early is really the ticket to eliminating cancer as quickly and as painlessly as possible. There is no other better solution.” When it comes to men, annual health exams are equally as important because by getting their PSA checked, it becomes much simpler for physicians to identify any early warning signs of cancer as well as any cancers that have already formed.

Reduce the Likelihood of Developing Diabetes

During an annual health exam, physicians often carry out an assortment of tests that help identify how likely a person is to develop diabetes. By identifying early warning signs and speaking with patients about their eating and exercise habits, physicians can help eliminate the possibility of patients forming Diabetes Type 2. Without an annual health screening, people are 66 percent more likely to develop this form of diabetes.

Saving Lives

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease once released a statement saying that over 46 percent of all deaths in the U.S. could have been avoided had the persons taken part in an annual health screening. During screenings, physicians speak with patients about their poor diets and exercise, a number of untreated infections, tobacco use, and much more, all of which can be treated to help avoid death. It is pertinent that patients truthfully answer any questions that a physician may ask because the answers tip a doctor off as to what tests need to be carried out. In many cases, these tests, their diagnoses, and following treatment plans are what saves people’s lives.

While your life may be hectic and filled with many obligations, your health should not suffer because of it. With so many reasons to get an annual health screening, it’s simply not logical to avoid doing so. After all, if you don’t have your health, what do you have?