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How Busy Public Health Students Can Reduce Stress



How busy public health students can reduce stress

Being a student is a wonderful experience and studying a course like public health care, whether in school or an online MPH degree, can lead to some fantastic careers in the future. However, a huge workload, money worries, and other pressures can lead to huge amounts of stress. Stress can ultimately lead to both physical and mental health issues, some of which can be long-term. So, it’s important to find ways to deal with your stress, to stop it ruining this very exciting time in your life.

Organize and Prioritize

Make sure you are organized. Write lists, and prioritize your work. At times when you have a lot going on and it all seems too much, it can look much better written down. Crossing things off also gives you a great feeling of satisfaction, and shows you are getting somewhere, even when it feels never ending.

Get Plenty of Sleep

Not getting enough sleep or rest is one of the leading causes of stress among students. Your body needs sleep to recover from the day. And your brain needs sleep to help keep you focused and alert. A good night’s sleep will also help you to spot solutions to your problems, and put your stresses into perspective. Our sleep needs differ, but most of us require between six and seven hours to function at our best.

Eat Right

Eating a healthy, balanced diet, and drinking plenty of water, can help you to stay fit and healthy, even when you are busy and stressed out. Eat the right energy boosting foods and try to cut sugar from your diet as much as possible. Remember, everything in moderation, so the odd treat won’t hurt. It could even boost your mood.


Exercise is a great way to reduce stress levels. Go for a run. Totally clear your mind, and just focus on your breathing and the sound of your feet striking the ground.


Talk to your friends, family, or student counselor. Talking is a great way to relieve stress. Bottling things up always makes it seem worse in your mind. It is amazing how the simple act of voicing your worries makes them smaller.

Take a Break

Try to take a proper vacation when you can. Leave work and other stresses behind, and relax. When this isn’t possible, be sure to take the odd whole day off and relax at home or go and have some fun. Whatever you need – do it.

Ask for Help

What is it you are stressed about? Are you worried about a deadline? Speak to your tutor. Are you worried about applying for graduate jobs? Get some advice on preparing your resume. Whatever it is, there is always help available. You just need to ask for it.

It’s important to recognize your boundaries. While it’s great to challenge yourself, trying to do too much and thinking you can take on the world can only lead to further pressure and stress. Get to know yourself, and admit that you need to ask for help sometimes. In times of stress, take a moment to remind yourself why you started your master of public health in the first place, and what you hope to get out of it.