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Excessive Smoking Makes You Vulnerable To an Array of Disease Causing Organisms



We all are aware of the hundreds of side effects of smoking. When you smoke, more than 90% of the nicotine enters your body. This adversely affects the hormones of the brain like adrenaline, acetylcholine, dopamine, beta-endorphin, vasopressin, norepinephrine, and many other areas. Moreover, it reduces appetite and affects the sense of smell and taste.

Why do people smoke?

People tend to smoke to gain temporary relief. It reduces stress, improves problem-solving skills, and sharpens the memory. Besides this, it decreases depression levels and anxiety. Due to the excessive consumption of nicotine, they develop an addiction towards it. Mentioned below are some of the harmful effects of smoking.

Why is smoking harmful to the Cardio system?

It adversely affects the cardiology system of the body. Studies have revealed that smoking is the ultimate cause of heart problems like heart attack, increased heart rate, stroke, etc. The heart rate of smokers is usually 3% higher as compared to non-smokers. Due to increased blood pressure, the muscles will not be able to get proper nutrients and minerals.

The blood becomes quite thick and hence the heart has difficulty in pumping it to different organs of the body. The blood of smokers contains a high amount of carbon monoxide as compared to oxygen. On average, it contains about 15% of carbon monoxide, which could lead to blood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

While smoking, a huge amount of tar collects in the lungs, which in turn narrows down biocides. Due to this reason, smokers face difficulty in breathing. This affects the daily life of smokers. They face difficulty in running, walking, or swimming for a long period.

How does smoking affect the overall personality of the users?

Studies have shown that smoking degrades the organs, teeth, skin, and eyes of smokers. They look older, pale, weak, and unhealthy. Hence, it is advisable to limit the consumption of nicotine. Tar, the main component of cigarettes blackens the fingers and the teeth of the users.

A single pack of cigarettes is equal to one cup of tar, which is extremely harmful to the body. When you smoke, your body becomes vulnerable to an array of disease-causing organisms. You become prone to diseases. This affects the immune system of the body.

Nicotine consumption affects the gastrointestinal tract too. You might experience constipation and a change in bowel movements. Stomach ache is common among smokers. To reduce constipation, you could eat food items that are rich in fiber and drink plenty of water to cleanse your body.

The stamina level of smokers is very less as compared to non-smokers. An unhealthy lifestyle and unhealthy eating affect the stamina of smokers. Smoking not only affects the smokers but also people sitting near them. They are known as passive smokers.

It is not advisable to smoke during pregnancy. It could lead to several problems like spontaneous abortion, premature babies, low birth weight of babies, and many other complications.

The prolonged consumption of nicotine can cause death. Other health problems associated with cigarette addiction are emphysema, lung cancer, and diabetes to name a few. Buerger’s disease, a life-threatening disorder is common among smokers.

It is advisable to quit smoking to live healthily. You could consult your family doctor regarding this. Several medications, nicotine gums, and pills are introduced, which will make your task simpler. E-Cigarettes or artificial cigarettes are the best alternatives to a cigarette. These electronic devices will help you to quit smoking. The best part is that these products are available in different flavors. You can choose your favorite flavor and buy them online.