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3 Ways Men Can Overcome A Midlife Crisis



We’ve all seen the tell-tell signs of a midlife crisis. The new girlfriend, the flashy red sports car, the need to redefine oneself with an ear-piercing or black leather jacket. So what’s the deal here? Why do men everywhere suddenly flip out and go hog wild when they hit middle age? Bottom line—low testosterone, a hormone that tends to decline in men as they age.

My Hits and Misses

There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to the natural processes of biology. However, trying to screw a screw with a hammer has never worked. I can personally attest to this as when my life started to take a downhill slide. As my testosterone levels declined, I did everything I could to try to boost them myself. It was like I was trying to fit a teenage boy’s active body into a middle-aged man’s torso. First I started by finding a hot young girlfriend. Since I never married, I didn’t need to get a hotel room or a divorce, so this situation didn’t put me in the hot seat—initially. Unfortunately, I found out the woman was herself married, which caused a whole host of problems.

Next on my list, something I learned from watching way too many movies in my bachelor years, was to get a Harley. A roaring hog would solve my problem and help make me feel more like a man. Wrong song, ding dong. After my first spill and stint in the emergency room, I determined the hog was better at putting me in the grave rather than being a testosterone booster.

The Truth About Testosterone

I searched online for health information regarding boosting my testosterone as a middle-aged male. In this half-desperate attempt to self-medicate, I came across some information regarding the natural decrease in testosterone levels, which causes men to feel, well, less like a man. Suddenly it struck me that that was exactly what was happening to me! In my case, which is so similar to so many other men, I had tried to supplement my lifestyle with manly activities that are fitting for someone with skyrocketing levels of testosterone. However, I was missing the mark entirely. There is no way that I, or any other man, can boost the male hormone by doing masculine activities. It just doesn’t work that way. Instead, I started to look at what would work.

3 Tried and True Methods

The first thing I did was to accept the change in my life. Every man experiences a change in their body at a certain age, just as do women who go through menopause. It’s natural, so I decided instead of fighting, I had to accept it before I lost control of my life—and my bank account as motorcycles and hot women are expensive.

Secondly, I sought help. Being a bachelor I don’t have the wifey or kids to turn to on this matter. I wanted to talk to someone who would listen non-judgmentally and would offer sound advice. I started seeing a therapist. The best 30 minutes a week of my life. I go in, ramble on about my current problems, and a woman, who is not bad looking might I add, sits patiently and listens. It is such a calming feeling to just get these issues related to my changing body out into the open. After all, I would be quite the loon if I went to the local watering hole and started telling all my buds about my latest emotional breakdown due to a lack of testosterone. They’d kick my ass all over the place.

The third, and possibly most proactive thing I have done is to seek out a test booster. By adding this form of dietary supplement to my daily vitamin regime, I have seen an increase in my mood and energy levels, which were previously horrible thanks to the loss of testosterone. Furthermore, by taking an all-natural supplement, I’m not at risk of the crabby side effects associated with hormone replacement therapy. Best of all, since I can order this supplement online, I don’t have to go to a doctor regularly for a check-up, saving me time and money. Testosterone booster —best money spent on my midlife crisis, hands down.