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How to Survive Your Midlife Crisis



How to survive your midlife crisis

Middle age can creep up and seem to appear out of nowhere. This can cause us to suddenly be aware of the passing years and begin to reflect upon our lives. If you find yourself thinking about buying a sportscar, feeling stressed about your career, or noticing a receding hairline, you may be experiencing a midlife crisis.

Bam! Middle Age Has Arrived

It could be a milestone birthday that catches your attention or new company manager who appears to be straight out of high school. Perhaps your kids are away at college and you are facing an empty nest (and free schedule) for the first time. Divorce can be another time when we suddenly worry about our life, our looks, and/or our health. Fortunately, there are solutions that are cheaper than a sportscar and safer than plastic surgery.

Fresh Perspective

Part of the trauma of a midlife crisis is how middle age seems to arrive so suddenly. That can cause us to look around at our lives and be dissatisfied. Often what we need to get back on track is a little adventure and a chance to take an impartial look at our lives and accomplishments.

Up & Away

To break out of your midlife routine, the best options is a significant change in location. Plan a holiday in a new, exotic location and give yourself enough time there to get your bearings. Exposure to different cultures, languages, and peoples can help inspire you to think of new directions to take your life. Perhaps it is time to start your own business, write a book, or add a hobby to your routine.

Get Some Body

Has a beer belly appeared out of nowhere? Are you feeling that you have strayed too far from your days off a school track star? Middle age isn’t the time to recapture your loss youth, it is an opportunity to try new challenges. You don’t need to join a football team to reclaim your fitness. Pick a challenge and you’ll find a sense of accomplishment while you improve your fitness and appearance. Begin training for a marathon or join a rowing crew.

It can be hard to get started on a fitness regime and fit into to your regular routine. The best option to take a holiday where you can combine physical achievement with an exotic location. A holiday retreat can force you to break your routine while creating a framework of fitness you’ll be able to use once you return to your regular life. For example, a Thailand retreat ( that features martial arts training in an exotic location can be the perfect chance to create a new and improved you.

Beware of beach holidays that can quickly turn into mindless hours of sunbathing. The surfing, swimming, and other sporting activities that might have sounded perfect online, may be quickly pushed to the side once you arrive at a resort. A more formal retreat setting that is focused on both clearing your mind and improving your body is the best bet for creating a midlife crisis-free you.