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The Ultimate Hair Removal Solution



For thousands of years, women have been plagued with the difficult task of removing unwanted body hair. In Egypt, being slim and hair-free was a standard of beauty.

The Quran is a holy book that was unveiled over 1400 years ago. Even back then, women were advised in the text to remove body hair at the end of each menstrual cycle, making the Brazilian body wax an aesthetic that has been in favor for over a millennium!

In every geographic area where women are prone to having darker, coarser hair, they have devised their own methods of hair removal. If you have the problem of unsightly body hair, you are likely to have tried some, if not all of the following: shaving, bleaching, threading, waxing, and epilating. All of these have their advantages but they don’t come close to the scientific miracle which is laser hair removal.

When you start shaving body hair as a woman, it only becomes thicker in appearance. The way a razor slices each strand of hair diagonally makes it appear coarser and creates rough stubble. If you want smooth skin on a daily basis, shaving regularly will give you the opposite. If you’re in a relationship, the idea of that is likely to be one of your greatest sexual nightmares. Is there anything worse than your significant other findings out your legs are hairier than his?

Waxing is very difficult to master if you do it yourself. You’ll have to master pilates as well to get to hard to reach areas. If you fail to balance the wax at the right temperature or pull the strip the wrong way, you can burn your skin right off. The face and public area are prone to burns and even bruises because the skin here is thinner and more sensitive.

Facial hair is manageable with a combination of waxing the upper lip and threading the eyebrows. However, it is also very common for women to have fine, dark hair throughout the face. Even though it often can’t be seen from afar, it can wreak havoc on your complexion. Some women bleach the entire face just to get to the hair in order to even out the skin tone. This is only a short term solution because bleach contains so many harmful chemicals that will dull your skin, make it lifeless and gray and also give you wrinkles prematurely.

Laser hair removal is the ultimate solution for any woman with fair skin and dark hair. These women are not only the prime candidates for laser hair removal because the laser only works for this demographic – but they’re also the ones with hair which is the most prominent because of the contrast.

In this case, your appearance is both a blessing and a curse. Even if you’re a pro at making sure your boyfriend never catches a single hair on your face or body, it’s time to give up the stress and get it taken care of for good. Women with blond body hair may not have your problems but they are condemned to a lifetime of shaving whereas you can laser away the hair forever.