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Premature Graying – Smoking Affects Your Hair Health



We all know that smoking can cause respiratory illnesses, cancers, and heart-related diseases, but did you know that it can affect your hair health too? Recent studies have shown that cigarette smoking not only accelerates hair loss, but it also stimulates premature graying. It can also induce baldness, especially if it is generic.

Tobacco toxins can harm hair follicles and damage your hormones. The usage of tobacco has a direct effect on your hair follicle. One cigarette contains more than 4,000 deadly chemicals, which results in a number of health problems, leading to death.

Usage of this deadly item can decrease the flow of blood and its supply will contain a large portion of low oxygenated blood. Nicotine causes congestion in the arteries, which in turn decreases the blood, nutrient, and oxygen supply to the hair. Due to the deficiency of required nutrition, hair becomes unhealthy and leads to breakage.

Why you should quit smoking:

Following are some of the reasons why one should quit this bad habit:

  • The most common of all is that your hair and clothes will have a persistent odor of the cigarette smoke, which could keep some people away from you
  • Tobacco toxins disrupt the oil balance of your scalp and make it dry
  • It could accelerate make them weak and chronically brittle
  • It could lead to discoloring of your lovely locks
  • The scalp becomes thin, which is the protective layer of hair roots and follicles
  • It can reduce the collagen fiber of your skin, which in turn dehydrates hair
  • It may reduce the elasticity
  • It affects their roots
  • The endocrine system is impacted by regularly inhaling cigarette smoke, which is responsible for the secretion of hair healthy hormones
  • Smoking affects the immune system of the body and reduces its capacity to fight any disease. You could become a victim of viral infections and other scalp diseases
  • Greying of hair at an early age could affect your overall appearance
  • It also reduces the levels of Vitamin A and C, which are healthy responsible for generating collagen in your body

To some extent, you can say that smoking does not directly affect the health of your hair. However, it retards the normal functioning of the body, which may indirectly lead to their weakening. It exposes your body to a number of harmful chemicals, bacteria, toxins, and other poisonous substances.

You may not have realized this, but slowly and steadily, you’ll see that your hair has become scanty, the scalp can be easily seen, and their changing. Although these days it a style statement to have salt and pepper hair, but if you cannot carry it well and have hardly any left on your hair to flaunt, would be quite embarrassing.

Think of a situation, you are just 25 or 30 years of age and when you make a public appearance, people take you as much older than you are. Would you be impacted by this? The answer is an absolute yes, then why not quit this bad habit.

The simplest way to get rid of this habit is to approach a physician, rather than trying something on your own. You might have researched a lot about it and have all the details on how to go about it, but what lacks here is expert advice. It is always better to check with your doctor what you are up to so that he or she can suggest the right thing.

If you were to ask me, being once a smoker myself, I would suggest electronic cigarettes. They are the best alternatives to smoking cigarettes. There are many companies that have introduced this product in the market to help people get rid of this habit.