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7 Advantages Of Eyebrow Threading



Eyebrow grooming is becoming increasingly popular among men and women.  If fact, many people get their brows groomed more frequently than they do their hair.  There are a variety of ways to maintain beautiful brows; however, eyebrow threading is becoming one of the most popular.  Learn more about why this option is preferred by so many.

1 – More Natural

First, many people feel that the results of eyebrow threading are more natural than the alternative.  This is particularly true for individuals who have thick brows.  The procedure can reduce the number of brow hairs without affecting the shape. Traditional waxing cannot offer this type of result.

2 – Fewer Side Effects

Furthermore, there are fewer side effects associated with threading the eyebrows.  The procedure is quick and relatively painless.  Waxing, on the other hand, can be very irritable to the skin and leave the skin red and sensitive. Some people may even have allergic reactions to waxing.  These side effects are highly unlikely when threading is performed.

3 – Proven Historical Results

In addition, eyebrow threading offers proven results.  This is one of the oldest procedures available for grooming.  It gained popularity several years ago in the Middle East.  Today, many in the West are benefitting from it’s positive, pain-free results.

4 – Quick

It is also easy to thread the eyebrows.  With proper technique, a technician can remove an entire row of brow hairs.  This is much faster than individually tweezing each hair.  Those who use wax, also have to wait for the wax to warm and set on the skin.  This can take time and prolong the grooming process.

5 – Inexpensive

Since the procedure is easy to perform, it is often less expensive than other alternatives.  The price of wax is usually higher because of the tools and time required.  Also, laser hair removal treatments can be extremely expensive and riskier.

6 – Long Lasting

The results of eyebrow threading last much longer than traditional options.  Typically, it will be 2 to 3 weeks before any sign of re-growth is noticeable.  Those who tweeze their brows are likely to notice re-growth in a day or two.  The results of waxing are not much better.

7 – Enhanced Appearance

Finally, threading your eyebrows is a simple way to enhance your personal appearance.  Well-groomed brows can highlight your features and help you to stand out.  Unruly brows, on the other hand, are distracting and often unsightly.