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Make Up That Lasts Longer



We all have that precious item that we hold on to for long as possible. It may be an expensive bottle of perfume or premium brand lipstick that makes us feel like a whole new person.

Those last few words might be an exaggeration but there are some cosmetic items that are either hard to find or are no longer made.

While you organize a petition to your favorite cosmetic company to bring back that magenta lipstick you loved so much in 1987, here are some ways to get the most from the makeup you have now.

Eyeliner pencils –

Instead of burning these to the end, try keeping them sharpened and closed tight so they do not dry out.

Lipstick –

This can be stored in the refrigerator so that it will remain fresh longer. A good idea would be to keep it inside a sealable sandwich bag so that strong aromas like garlic do not permeate.

Makeup brushes –

These can last for a long time using this simple cleanup method. Mix unscented liquid soap (or liquefied facial soap) with a little water. Rinse and place inside a clean, dry washcloth. Make sure that all bristles lie flat and press firmly to remove the excess moisture. Let air dry for at least 24 hours before storing. Unless you want to spend extra money, you do not have to use expensive makeup removers or tool cleaners. And if you love your face, do not add bleach or other harsh chemicals to your soapy mix.

Mascara –

Instead of using the applicator that comes with the tube, try the disposable applicator brushes. They normally come in packs of 25 and by using a fresh applicator; you will have what you need instead of excess that has caked on. Also, avoid double-dipping, if possible. Doing this often will expose the applicator and its contents to dry air. If you swirl the brush around when inside the tube, you should have enough for full coverage. This is also a good way to avoid tarantula eyes (extremely heavy mascara application that looks unnatural).

Nail Polish

When this begins to thicken, add a few drops of nail polish remover. Close bottle tightly and shake vigorously. Normally, the polish should last up to two years when the unused bottle remains tightly closed at all times.

Another good rule of thumb would be to not share cosmetics with others as bacteria may form on the product itself. This holds especially true with eye and lip products. If visiting the cosmetic counter, the sales clerk should have plenty of disposable applicators on hand. It is advisable to always resist the urge to use your finger for the application of cosmetic products that are for testing purposes. While those at department stores and fine retailers are good about this, there are some places that are lack in this area.

Letting go of old makeup is never easy but in many cases, it is necessary. Holding on to a product for more than two years can result in a skin allergy or exposure to bacteria that cannot be covered up with cosmetics.