The Curse Of The Allergy Skin

To suffer from allergy skin when it comes to the use of deodorants and antiperspirants is a serious condition for many people. In this day and age, as we are getting constantly bombarded with how to stay fresh and how to always look our best, being unable to use deodorants because of allergic reactions may not only lead to a person feeling physically uncomfortable, nowadays it can even be stigmatizing.

The first thing that comes to people’s minds when they see someone with big stains under their armpits is usually not that they may have allergy skin. The first thing a lot of people will do is judge that person as being unhygienic, and this can escalate into serious emotional repercussions for the person suffering from allergies.

First of all, a person with allergy skin towards deodorants is more than acutely aware of his or her condition. It is probably a source of stress that haunts them on a daily basis, and they are probably involved in a daily search for an antiperspirant that would be suitable for them. The stress of not finding any will lead to a bad circle, as stress stimulates our sweat glands to an even higher extent.

So for the person with allergy skin this becomes a two-way street, both of them headed in the wrong direction. The person with allergies will hesitate to participate in a social context that might provoke a heightened production of perspiration, condemning themselves to a punishment of self-isolation.

At the same time, for the social activities that are obligatory, people seeing the stains and smelling the sweat will also start to turn their backs on the person with allergy skin, leaving them feeling even more ostracized.

It is high time that we highlight the problem of allergy skin, and start seeing the full impact it actually can have on the life of a person allergic to deodorants. If more people became aware of this condition, maybe society would not be so quick to judge the nest time.

Chances are that the person standing in queue before you, giving off an unpleasant odour of sweat, is not unhygienic or un-fresh. Chances are that this particular person suffers from allergy skin, and the sooner we realize that, the lesser the stigma will be.

Often it is the opposite of what we think, that holds true, and studies show that persons with allergy skin showers a great deal more often than what people do in general. This is not and has never been a question of personal hygiene.

It is often the fragrances in the deodorants that cause a reaction from the hypersensitive allergy skin, and over 90% of all deodorants contain different types of fragrances, so finding the right one for the person with allergies is not an easy task.

A person with allergy skin can undergo a medical testing program for determining in specific what kind of chemicals, or combination of chemicals, are causing the allergy.

Available today there are plenty of fragrance free antiperspirants, but they still contain a certain brew of chemicals which even further limits the choice of the person with allergy skin.

As a non-allergic reader, please keep this in mind. The allergy skin is a medical condition, and the person suffering from it needs your support, and not your contempt.

Monik Stevenson is currently working for one of the leading companies in Denmark (Neutral) for skin allergy or in Danish hudallergi.

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