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The Secrets Of Skin Tone, Hair Colour And Jewellery



Colour combinations can be the most important part of a successful outfit. Do you ever feel like you have the perfect outfit but something is just off? The devil is in the details. Certain hair colors will not match specific skin tones. Simply put, beautiful hair color may not look great on certain people simply because it does not match their skin tone. On the other hand, the right hair color will accentuate your skin tone and compliment your look. The same can be said for jewelry. Although they may only be accessories, choosing the right accessories that match your color combination will make your overall look pop.

Determining Your Skin Tone

Skin tone can be classified into two categories: Warm and Cool. Determining your skin tone is the first and most important step in choosing complimentary hair colors, clothes, and accessories. Quite simply, Warm toned skin will look lively, healthy, and bright when accentuated with clothes in the color of orange, bronze, gold, red, peaches, etc… Adversely, cool-toned people will look best in… You guessed it, Cool Colours! Cool colors include lively greens, strong blues, silvers, and pure white.

If you’re still unsure, you can try the popular vein test. In natural sunlight, observe your hands and determine the color of your veins. If they are mostly blue, then you are cool-toned. If your veins appear mostly green, you are warm-toned. An equal mix of the two may mean you are neutral!

Best Hair Colour To Suit Your Skin Tone

Choosing the wrong hair color can make you look pale and sickly. Choosing the right hair color to match your skin tone will make you look healthy, lively, and bright! Simply put, Cool skin tones should accentuate their skin tone with cool hair colors. Ashy tones, Platinum/Light Blonde, Light Cocoa/Chestnut brown, and Garnet red shades are all great tones for cool skin. Warm skin tone will be the exact opposite. Aim for gold, yellow, and bronze hair color tones.

Choosing Metals to Match Your Hair Colour and Skin

Accessorizing is the last step that will help accentuate your features, as we all differ so does the jewelry we choose that will help bring out your best. So to make sure you’re on the right track and looking your best, let’s go through ways to help you pick up that perfect accessory. First, determine your skin color.

The best way to go about this is to find an area on your body where your veins are present, as this will provide you with a strong and honest idea of your skin tone, whether you are cooler or warmer. Cool tones are distinguishable by blue veins and rosy or pink undertones. Some individuals with tan or dark skin may have cool tones as well. Warm tones consist of greenish veins, with yellow or golden-olive undertones. Individuals with orange, strawberry blonde, or red hair are the majority of the time warmer tones. Don’t forget, not all warm tones are individuals with dark skin.

Matching Accessories With the Shape of Your Face

If you fall into the cool tones, then choose metals such as silver, platinum, and white gold. If you’re the opposite, then gold, pewter, brass, and copper will be best suited for you. Now start taking into account the shape of your face. Jewelers know these techniques, as it is their job to find you the best piece of jewelry.

Jewelers help determine which diamond rings will best suit your tone, as diamond rings have a peculiar stone color and band color that jewelers will match with your tone, to get you the optimum results. Like previously mentioned, your facial shape plays a role as well. Heart/ Triangle/ Diamond face shapes can play with dangle or drop earrings, or chokers. Round/Square and triangular faces can test elongated shapes in earrings and the same goes for necklaces. Rectangular/Oblong faces should choose short or round earrings and chockers for necklaces. Finally, Oval faces can experiment with dangle earrings and short or long necklaces.