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Haircuts For Your Face Shape



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Ever wonder why one woman can wear a short bob and look amazing while another can’t quite pull it off? It is oftentimes the shape of the face that makes a haircut sink or swim. By determining your face shape and learning what styles work best, you can always have a haircut that looks amazing.

What Shape Are You?

First, determine the shape of your face. The options are as follows and a brief description is included to aid.  I’ve also mentioned a well-known actress for reference.

  • Oval: Length is equal to one and a half times width. Also, the forehead and jaw are the same widths. Think Emma Watson.
  • Square: Strong and broad forehead and an angular jaw. Think Keira Knightly or Paris Hilton.
  • Heart: Wide at the forehead and cheekbones, but narrow at the jawline. Think Reese Witherspoon.
  • Diamond: Forehead and jawline are narrow, with the fullest area being across cheekbones. They are wide and high. Think Halle Barry.
  • Circle: Circular in shape and the length is about equal to the width. Think Kristin Dunst.

If you still can’t tell, look in the mirror and have a partner (or try yourself) outline your face with soap on the mirror. Step back and see what shape they drew.

Okay, Now What?

Now that you have determined what shape of face you have, below are the recommended cuts and style tips that work best on those shapes.

Oval:  This lucky face shape has all the options. They can wear their hair any cut/style and it will work. Curly, straight, long, short, Mohawk- you name it. Just be sure to avoid short layers that add height to the top of the head. In this case, you can choose a facial feature you like and maximize that. If you have big sparkly eyes, side-swept bangs might be the choice.

Square: Soften your angles by adding texture or movement with flowing curls, waves, or choppy ends. An angled cut as opposed to straight across will help your face not seem so square. If you have prominent cheekbones or eyes, a Pixie cut would work well.

Heart: Curls or waves work wonders for this face shape. The ideal length is to the chin. Focus on your eyes and cheekbones to distract from a more pointed chin. A pixie style would look amazing.

Diamond: Wide bangs will make your face appear more oval. Bobs are a great look for diamond face shapes. Anything wispy will also look great.

Circle: The idea is to thin and lengthen your face. Short hair is not advised as it will make your face seem rounder.  Bangs should be long or side-swept for this look. Layers will give depth and slim out your face. Long hair works with this face shape as it lengthens you out.

Stupid Shapes

If you are staring at the funky shape in the mirror and shaking your head, don’t be at a loss. Did you think you were a Diamond when you were really an Oval? Well now you know, so stop sobbing.

Determining your face shape is only the first step. Other characteristics also can make or break your haircut. Eye shape and hair tendencies also factor in. So if you are an Oval with curly hair or a Square with waves, look into that as well.

Really this only matters if you feel your current do just doesn’t … do it anymore. Maybe there is a reason why. Maybe you just need a change and there was nothing wrong with the one you have. Your stylist can also help in suggesting.

Finally, never forget to take into account personal preferences. Just because a long style might look the best on your face shape, it isn’t written in stone that long hair is your fate. Decide what you like, what hairstyle you can handle, and then see if it’s recommended. After all, you are the one doing your hair every morning.