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The Top Haircuts for Curly Hair



If you are one of those women who have had curly hair all her life and have tried every possible method to tame your curls for just one night, do not fret. You are not alone. In this article, we suggest something different. We offer you a selection of haircuts to choose from to suit your curly hair. We also provide you with tips to keep in mind to avoid turning what was meant to be a delightful makeover into a disaster. Let us get started:

  1. Fine to Medium Hair with Loose and Uneven Waves. If your hair falls under this category, you will do well to choose a haircut with long and wavy layers. Use a mousse that contains ingredients that will condition the hair. Use mousse instead of curling sprays to avoid your hair looking weighed and overly coiled.
  2. Fine to Medium Hair with Tight Spiral Curls. This curly would look spectacular on the long side with a generous amount of layers. The more curls that your hair has, the longer the layers should be.
  3. Thick, Wavy Hair. Thick and wavy hair is suitable for a medium to long haircut with layers that are long yet minimal. The length of the hair will make it more flexible to styling. A leave-in straightening product can help you to achieve this look perfectly.
  4. Thick and Tight Curls. A pageboy cut featuring long layers until the shoulders works. The goal is to make your hair sit on your shoulders. It is short enough so that maintenance isn’t too much of a pain, but long enough that it doesn’t appear too much like an afro. Similar to thick and wavy hair, a leave-in conditioner works great for this hairstyle.

These are only some of the top haircuts that you can choose from for your curly hair. But keep in mind that without proper care, the best haircut in the world will not do much for you. That said; here are a few tips to help you get the most of your curly hair:

Pick up a moisturizing conditioner. This is excellent to use as it will make your hair so much more flexible as you are styling it. This helps with softening the curls.

Magic ingredients: olive oil, coconut oil, rich kinds of butter. These ingredients are golden, and you should keep an eye out for them when shopping for products. Hydration adds to the weight of the hair, and manipulation and definition are made much more accessible. It also helps to curb frizz.

The best time to use the product is while your hair is slightly damp. This combines the product well as your hair goes through the drying process. In the process, the curls are neutralized.

Do not use any products that contain parabens and sulfates and other harsh ingredients. While these products may be less expensive than organic and natural hair products, they will only wreak damage on your hair in the long term.

Bring a hat whenever you step out to avoid inflicting sun damage on your hair.

Never brush your hair while it is still wet to avoid breakage.

When coloring your hair, pick up the proper products to help you maintain the moisture and life in your hair.

As you choose the haircut that you would think would suit your locks, it is important not to feel pressured by what your hairstylist or anybody else tells you. You need to be 100 percent comfortable with the choices that you make as it is your hair at the end of the day, and you have to live with it.