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Four Unique Ways to Increase Your Hair Length



Growing your hair out can be a tough process. Most people think that there is nothing you can do to assist in the process; that you must sit there and bide your time until your hair grows. But there are actually a few creative ways that will increase the length of your hair today and will assist with hair growth for years to come.

Below we are going to look at four unique ways to increase your hair length and give you the look you desire.

1. Avoid Blow Dryers

The first thing you must do is steer clear of anything that damages your hair. As you are growing your hair out, it is vital to keep it healthy. Blow dryers are well known for damaging hair. Avoid a blow dryer at all costs as you don’t want to do damage to your hair and delay the process of hair growth.

2. Nourish Your Hair

Over the years, your hair has been exposed to a multitude of harmful chemicals. Whether you decided to dye your hair, spray your hair, or you have just spent a lot of time in the sun your hair is damaged. Just like with a blow dryer, it is important to stay away from anything that can damage your hair and delay the process. Instead, find a treatment that will nourish your hair. There are a number of products out there that can help restore damaged hair and keep you on the right track towards long hair.

3. Add Volume

When trying to achieve longer hair, it may sound very counterintuitive to add volume to your hair. But it is actually a very effective way to increase the appearance of length. By adding volume, you are creating a balanced look. With this balanced look, you will not only look great; it will help to create the illusion of long hair.

4. Keep Getting Your Haircut

As strange as it may sound, you must get your hair cut when growing it out. The reason for this is if you let your hair continue to grow without cutting it, your ends will start to split. This will actually reverse the process of hair growth. By getting your hair cut every six weeks or so, you are ensuring a smooth hair growth process. Another great trick when getting your hair cut is to get it cut in layers. This will give you a longer look at your hair for the short term.

By following these simple guidelines you are one step closer to beautiful long hair. Make sure to stay away from any harmful products as well as blow dryers. Instead, nourish your hair and maintain a healthy scalp. As your hair continues to grow keep getting haircuts. Then continue to style it in a manner that creates the illusion that your hair is long.

If you follow these simple steps you will achieve longer looking hair. You don’t have to wait forever for the long hair you desire. Start the process today and achieve the hair you have always wanted.