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Hair Cut Savers



Why the use of a shaving brush is important?

If you need a haircut, whether you fancy a complete change, something a bit daring or just a trim, and are struggling to afford the ever-increasing charges being offered in salons, then there are a few options available to you – and none of them involve using your kitchen scissors, a mirror, and a youtube tutorial.

One way to get a stylist for next to nothing, if not free, is to specifically ask for a trainee hairdresser.  They will always be supervised by a Director stylist who will be there to keep an eye on and advise the trainee so you don’t need to worry about leaving the salon with a bald patch.  They may take a little longer to get your style perfect, but if you have an extra half an hour you can make a real saving this way.   Even top salons such as Vidal and Toni and Guy offer this so ask before your book.

Tip: Whilst this is a great option for a color or a basic cut, if you are looking for a more complex style such as a graduated bob, this may not be the best way to get the perfect result.

Student salons are a fantastic way to get an even cheaper cut or color because as with hairdresser trainees, the student hairdressers are overseen by their highly qualified and experienced teacher.  Start off with smaller style changes at such salons with a trim or maintenance cut just to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality you will receive.  This way, you may even find a favorite hairdresser who could carry on their cheaper prices for you once they are qualified since you were with them from the start!  It’s always worth it to ask!

Tip: once you have found a recently qualified hairdresser you trust from a student salon, ask if they will do home visits.  It makes it cheaper (as they aren’t renting the chair/salon space) and easier for you.

Get a short cut!  It may sound odd, but the shorter you start the cheaper your on-going costs will be because as your hair grows naturally, you will only require maintenance trims (fringe and split ends) which, if you have a steady hand, you could even do yourself or get your mum or a friend to do.  This will cut down on salon visits in a massive way. If you have a colour which requires regular highlights, tinting or a full dye at the salon, then get your color done to match your natural hair at the same time as having the shorter cut.  This way, you can top up the colour with cheaper home dye kits, or if it is a perfect natural match, then you won’t need to spend a penny on it.

Tip: if you are concerned about cutting your own fringe then most salons offer free fringe trims as it seems to grow so much quicker than the rest of the hair.  It only takes a moment of their time too!