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How to Quit Smoking In Three Easy To Follow Steps



How to quit smoking in three easy to follow steps

The Decision and Planning

So, you smoke 20 cigarettes a day; you know that it is bad for you and significantly increases the risk of you developing cancer or diseases of the heart and lungs at a later stage of your life. Considering your future, as well as the health of your close family, you decide to quit smoking.

The decision to quit in itself is a significant psychological barrier, so repeat the affirmation to yourself time and again until it does not sound unusual to your brain.

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Having made the decision, you need to begin to plan when to stop. Having a targeted date in mind can help to get you mentally ready for the arduous task that is sure to lie ahead. If you are not feeling confident, then make a date more distant. If you feel you are ready to go, then pick a date next week. Having the goal in site will make it much easier when the time comes.

A Helping Hand

When the time comes to quitting, you will need some help if you are going to do it successfully. Step two is the process of putting all of this into place. Whether it is buying books, visiting your Doctor, or even a psychotherapist, the preparations you make now to deal with your nicotine cravings after smoking your last cigarette could be the difference between success and failure in the coming weeks and months.

You may have your ideas about whether you would like nicotine replacement treatments, or whether you are going to do this “cold turkey.” Discuss all of your thoughts thoroughly with anyone you consult and consider the pros and cons of each method accordingly.

Keeping It Up

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You smoked your last cigarette two weeks ago, are using nicotine patches, and are generally coping well. The third and final step involves the subtle yet hugely effective changes you can make to your lifestyle to destroy nicotine cravings for good and never even look longingly at another cigarette ever again.

Resisting cravings often gets more difficult for a while before they subside permanently, so think about techniques such as changes in diet and exercise habits that will enable you to pro-actively suppress any need you may feel about smoking a cigarette.

Executing these three stages effectively will make your journey to becoming smoke-free much more relaxed, and enable you to feel the benefits of your new healthier body almost immediately.