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5 Minutes Styling Tips to Look Fabulous After a Long Haul Flight



Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we all know the havoc that a long haul flight can wreak on our appearance. While you may not have a great deal of time before you need to rush off to that business meeting or seminar, there are a few simple steps you can take, to ensure that you’re looking your best.

Teeth Brushing

– This may be one of the most important things in ensuring that your personal presentation is up to scratch. After a long haul flight, your breath is likely to be unfavorable and there’s no better way to impress your clients, than with a gleaming white smile!

Cleanse your Face

– A cleansing or toning product will only take a moment to apply and be rinsed off, but it will do wonders in bringing that healthy glow back to your skin.

Reapply your Makeup

– For female business travelers, after a long haul flight your mascara is likely to have smudged and your foundation patchy. Reapply a quick fix of makeup, with a little concealer and some powder to finish the job, to ensure that you’re looking as good as new.

Brush your Hair

– After leaning against those awful plane headrests for hours on end, your hair is bound to need a little TLC. Brush your hair to loosen any tangles and finish it off by placing it into a neat bun or easy up-do for a polished look.

Change your Clothes

– While you may already be wearing business attire, it is likely to be crushed and even has developed some unknown stains from your inflight food services. Being prepared with a non-creasing business shirt and a new skirt or some slacks will help you to look your best.

Wear Stockings

– For the ladies, if you are wearing a skirt, always wear stocking after a long haul flight. Being in the same seated position for hours on end can make your skin appear to be blotchy and discolored, so stockings or pantyhose are always a good idea.

Face Moisturiser

– Throughout your flight, be sure to use a face moisturizer on a regular basis to prevent your skin from drying out. The air-conditioning on airplanes can be quite harsh on sensitive skin, so be sure to take preventative measures.

Lip Balm

– The same logic applies, as with face moisturizer, when using lip balm. To avoid cracked lips, apply a moisturizing lip balm throughout your business flight.

My flying experience as a corporate traveler tells me that it is always important that you look your best after a long haul flight – particularly when you are rushing off to an important meeting or conference, you never who you will bump into! Follow these simple and fast tips for looking your best, and you’ll be sure to turn heads at your next presentation.