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It is not too Late to Get Glowing Skin for the Festive Season



Can you believe it’s only a few short weeks to Christmas? A time of parties and celebrations with family and friends. There are office parties to attend, New Year celebrations, and plenty of Christmas functions.

The festive season is a party month where you can be exhausted as you go from one party to another and there is one thing you will want, a glowing skin. If your skin looks healthy, you can hide your exhaustion and look great at every single party you attend from your friends New Year celebration to your own or partner’s work’s formal function.

Is There Enough Time?

After a long year, you are probably wondering if you have enough time to get that perfect glowing skin before the festivities start, there is about a month before the work parties begin, so you need to start a plan of action now.

Being a woman you probably have the normal beauty routine that you go through each morning and evening where you cleanse and moisturize, removing make-up at the end of each night. Don’t stop this routine, this is an essential part of your daily skin plan and should be carried out even when you feel you don’t have enough time.

The Action Plan

Right, you only have a few weeks left to start your beauty routine and get the perfect skin for all those parties you’ve been invited to, so where do you start?

Firstly you can start to use a body moisturizer which includes self-tan as this will give your skin a healthy glow even in the heart of winter. Another option is to have a spray tan at the local salon, but you want a slightly sun-kissed look and not a summer bronzing. Remember it is winter, so a bronzing will look fake, where a slight sun-kissed glow will make you look healthier and wondering if you intend wearing white.

Make an appointment at your beauty salon and have a facial, manicure, and pedicure. A manicure can do wonders for your skin and the entire process will leave you feeling beautiful and relaxed, just what you need before the party chaos. You can even have two facials before the festive season; you still have time which will enhance the festive glow.

Next, you’ll need to look at the available hair removal techniques to find one that best suits you and your immediate needs. Of course, there is waxing, a painful experience that I have never understood. Why women would put themselves through this agonizing process every few weeks is beyond me.

You can ask your local salon about electrolysis, but be aware this doesn’t work for everyone and can cause skin discoloration. It works on a large surface area, so the results are not always what you were hoping for.

Another of the hair removal techniques is laser therapy and the best part of this is you can have it done at your salon or you can do it yourself at home. With such technological advancements, laser therapy in the home is completely safe and you can do it at your leisure, you don’t have to find time for a planned appointment.

Combining your facial, self-tan moisturizer, and your laser therapy you are on your way to the perfect glow for the festive period. Thanks to using laser therapy as a hair removal technique you can wear a short skirt to one of the events and have that sun-kissed glow I mentioned earlier, leaving you looking healthy and sleek.

You will need to find a little bit of time for yourself to be ready for the festive season, go have your hair trimmed, have a facial, even though in a massage to help you look your festive best.