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Basics of Getting a Spray Tan



When going on a vacation or preparing to go to the beach, one of the concerns many men and women have is that their skin is too light. Some choose to go to a tanning booth to get a base tan, but this exposes an individual to harmful UV radiation. A viable alternative to get that golden brown color without the health risks is to get a spray tan. It helps to understand how spray tans work before committing to get one.


To prepare for a spray tan, you should remove as many dead skin cells as possible the day before your appointment. This will ensure that your tan lasts longer. If you want to shave or wax any areas of your body, it is also beneficial to do it the day before instead of the day of or day after the tan for the best results. You should also avoid applying any lotions or deodorant to your skin on the day of your appointment since it tends to act as a barrier and will affect the effectiveness of your spray tan.

How Spray Tans Work

The actual process of getting a spray tan involves the body being sprayed with a solution that has a specific amount of DHA or DiHydroxyAcetone. This is a type of colorless sugar that reacts with amino acids in the layers of your skin that are already dead. A few hours after the solution is applied, the skin turns a light shade of brown. The mist can either have an oil or water-based, and most salons offer the ability to choose the intensity of darkening from your mist to get the desired results.

Proper Care of a Spray Tan

It’s necessary to properly care for your skin after a spray tan to ensure it lasts as long as possible and looks ideal. Avoid showering for at least eight hours to give the tan proper time to develop on your skin. Wear loose clothing, so you don’t disturb the tan’s development. It is normal to see some brown in the water. It is merely the marker dye washing off to show your real tan.

Duration of a Spray Tan

The human body eliminates dead skin cells daily. Both natural and spray tans will both fade after a few days due to this natural process. A typical spray tan is expected to last anywhere from 5 to 10 days but will vary for each person. It is possible to prolong it by taking care of the skin and moisturizing it daily. It’s also best not to go in pools with chlorine or soak in bath tubs since they will cause the tan to fade faster as the dead skin cells are eliminated.
Spray tanning is a viable option to alter your appearance while avoiding the sun’s harmful UV rays. You’ll be prepared for an appointment if you know how spray tans work and understand the process from start to finish.