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The Essential Spray Tanning Tips



Whether you like it or not, the dangers of too much sun exposure are clear. However, few of us like to spend our lives looking like a ghoul who resides in a gloomy basement, and so often make that sacrifice of good health to get good looks.

Thanks to innovative technology and determined women, spray tanning has become a sensation that shows no signs of letting up. The spray tanning solution is nothing more than a skin darkening solution made in many shades and colors. This solution must not only match your skin tones and proper pigmentation levels but must also be applied in such a way that it will look like a real tan and not orange makeup.

The Art of Tanning

Good spray tanning is a definite art form, and if the right colors and techniques are used, no one will be able to tell the difference between a suntan or a spray tan. Woe to those who rush the job, however, as it can leave streaks, bleeding, and discoloration that makes you look diseased and not tanned. Remember to shower and exfoliate directly before spraying on the tan, as this helps the tan spray stay fast longer and show more even results.

When choosing the right shade for your spray tan, you need to familiarize yourself with the color wheel and select a tan that works well with your undertones. This often brings the most realistic looking results. Try to avoid going many shades darker but gradually work your way to a deeper hue, as this brings the best results.

Since these are just a couple of the spray tan tricks you need to know in order to produce a top-quality spray tan, it is a good idea to get some hints and tips from a manufacturer of spray tan products, literature, and accessories. The internet is a great source for techniques that can help you avoid the pitfalls of self-tanning solutions and keep a gorgeous and golden tan.

I’m Tanned – Now What?

Since you must also be able to maintain that gorgeous glow while going about your daily life, showering, jogging, and wrestling with children, you need to keep self-tanning tips on hand to help you enhance your golden shade without trouble. Look for resources on how to get and keep a youthful, outdoors glow with artificial tanning products. If you want professional results, you have to ask professional advice, and e-books and websites are a premier source of information and resources to create the perfect tan no matter how often you go outside.