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How To Get Tan Fast On The Beach



How to get tan fast on the beach

Your skin is pale, and it is hard to catch tan even tanning for a month on the beach? Are you tired of being asked, “Do you ever go to the sea?” and “Why aren’t you tanned? “ Boring, is not it?

The perpetrators of this nuisance are not only curious people but mostly melanin. Translated from Greek, the word means “black.” Precisely this group of pigments is responsible for the brown color of skin, hair, and iris.

A matter of cell

When exposed to sunlight, the body begins intensive production of melanocytes. In people with pale skin is not so intense, so skin color does not change.

How and to what extent will melanin work in the body, is a matter of genetic inheritance. If one of your parents has pale skin and tans difficultly, you can inherit their reaction to the sun.

I want a chocolate tan, too!

We are used to seeing people who are returning from the sea with a chocolate tan. Not all skin types are the same, respectively, not all react in the same way to the sun. If no melanin is produced naturally in the skin, we can help in several ways. We made a shortlist of different methods for faster tanning.

We recommend

Several sunbathes in advance

To quickly obtain a nice tan, you should prepare your skin in advance. Several visits (3-4) to the pool or the solarium are enough. So you will not be very pale when you go in a swimsuit to make a tan on the beach. With this basis, it will be easier to “upgrade” to the next “level” of the tanning of the skin.

Exfoliate your skin

Skincare is the first step towards a beautiful tan. It should start long before you get to the beach. Removing dead cells with a body scrub will prepare the skin for sun exposure. After you have done this, It will be softer and will turn black faster, keeping the tan longer.

Sun protection, but for a fast tanning

You might well get lost in a sea of ​​sunscreen products in the store – they are so many. If your skin is pale and hard tanning, you should choose sunscreen products, which, along with sun protection, have a strong effect on the darkening of the skin. There are lotions and creams, which have an additional bronzing effect.

There is a difference between body milk that protects your skin from burning and such, which protects skin together with giving it tan. Generally, the consistency of these products is mainly lotion or oil, but this is not mandatory.

Never expose yourself to sunlight without sunscreen. Put it on the skin before going to the beach as the protective function of these products is activated about half an hour after application. Remember to re-apply the cream after entering the water. Remember, always use organic sunscreens and not to commercial toxic ones.

This additional effect is indicated on the label of each product. So besides the sun protection factor, look for that information, too.

Be careful with the water

Thanks to the ability of water to reflect, this can help both quicker tanning and burning. That is why you should avoid beach naps, especially during the hours around noon, when the sun is strongest. Remember, no matter that water has a cool-down effect, it cannot protect the skin from the harmful effects of the sun.


If you want a perfect and even golden tan all over your body, you shouldn’t lie on the towel all the time. Playing beach volleyball or surfing will help you get tan faster, even in places that are usually rarely sunny. If you do not fall for the sport, long walks on the beach are an alternative.

Avoid using perfume

To get a beautiful tan fast, your skin must be in its best shape. For this reason, you have to give up one of your favorite accessories – the perfume, at least while you are at the beach.

Your favorite fragrance may contain ingredients that may irritate your skin and make it more susceptible to burns and erythema. Beware of more aggressive deodorants and some medications. We advise you to consult your doctor about the compatibility of the medicines you take regarding sun exposure.

Take more yellow fruits and vegetables

To accelerate the production of melanin in the skin, consuming yellow fruits and vegetables rich in beta carotene will help you. Peaches, melons, apricots, carrots, and any other product you find in this color will aid you to achieve the perfect beach tan fast.

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Tanning Accelerator

Tanning accelerators are usually in the form of lotions or creams. Usually, they do not have SPF. Apply before or after the sunscreen product, according to the indications on the package. Rub with a circular motion. Tanning accelerators help in boosting the intense production of melanin. The difference is visible on the second day.

Carrots, tomatoes, liver

Quick tanning, come on, hop!

To enhance the production of melanin, you can influence the body not only externally but also internally. The pigment is produced by two amino acids – tyrosine and tryptophan. If you increase your intake of foods containing them, this will help to increase the melanin.

So eat more liver, meat, and fish. Furthermore – beans, avocado, brown rice, dates, bananas, peanuts, shellfish, sesame, egg yolks, cheese, and curd.

Carrots, tomatoes, and pumpkins are handy for winning the battle for bronze tan. They contain beta-carotene. Try not to overuse them. If your skin acquires a yellowish tint, or if you notice a change in the color of your urine, you’ve overdone the intake of these colorful vegetables.

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Additional tools to get tan fast

Cold beer to get tan fast

Drink up, refresh yourself, then pour a beer over your body and lie down to get some sun rays. You will experience a tan improvement with only one session. It’s no coincidence that the Caribbean locals regularly use beer on the beach. It is good to apply it after going into the water since it could be washed away.

If you find this too eccentric using beer to get tan fast, take a fresh carrot juice. If you are lucky, you will find it on the beach bars, if not – prepare it in your own home.

Tanning Pills

There are two kinds – those that do not need exposure to the sun and those taken before sunbathing. Tanning pills act as a brush of an artist – they “paint” the skin in a darker color. Tanning pills are a popular form of sunless tanning.

Cocoa butter

It is a light yellow fat from cocoa beans. It is sold mostly in stores for bioproducts or larger grocery chains. The oil has a chocolate flavor. You can pre-melt it in a water bath and pour it in a box of cream. Another option is to anoint your skin directly with small lumps of oil. They melt by the temperature of the body.

Olive oil (oil, butter)

Olive oil is one of the most commonly used alternatives means for faster tanning. It makes the skin very soft. Be careful, however, with clothing, swimwear, and towels – olive oil can leave stains and odors.

Beer and fresh carrots

Again, not for drinking, but for spreading; Sunscreen is mandatory since beer and carrot juice do not have that effect. A few minutes after application, you will feel a slight tightening of the skin until the liquid dry out on the skin. Beer can also be used to nourish hair. Especially suitable for dark hair shine;

Tea of wort (Hypericum perforatum)

The intake of this tea enhances sun tanning. This is not its primary, but only its side effect. So do not expect a quick and radical change.

And do not forget that we can always have a chocolate tan: just different chocolates – dark natural, milk chocolate, and white chocolate.