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A Comprehensive List of The Top 20 Beauty Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid In Your Twenties



A thing of beauty is a joy forever. That would definitely be one of the most clichéd ways to start an article relating to beauty mistakes. However, the saying holds true for all and is not bound by the walls of time, meaning that the old proverb is valid now and has been so from way back in the past. Beauty mistakes are common and made by all. And the twenties happen to be the time people experiment a lot with their personal beauty. Here are some beauty-mistakes that you might have been prey to and wouldn’t want to repeat ever again.

Shampooing your hair too much

You should use moisturizing shampoos to retain essential oils that are contained in your hair. By exposing your hair to too much shampoo, you can damage the roots and cause them to break and fall.

Use of conditioners

Condition your hair too much and you will end up with lots of split ends and unruly hair. As it’s said, too much of anything is also not good.

Skin exfoliation

One of the most simple yet gravely committed beauty mistakes is related to your skin. If you don’t clean and remove the deposited dead skin cells from your face before applying foundation, you are forcing all the dirt to enter the pores, landing you into a thicker soup than you can imagine.

Protect your hair from excessive heat

Using hair blowers and other heat styling products to style your hair can leave your hair dry and lifeless. Use a heat protection cream or serum for your hair.

Using low heat

Using lesser heat on your flat iron to straighten your hair could be detrimental to the health of your hair. You will have to go over a certain fold of hair more than once in order to get the desired results.

Pimple treatment

Don’t apply too much medication on your pimples as that might prove to be counter-productive to the results you seek.

Taking care of your neck

Make sure that your face and your neck exhibit a similar skin tone by taking proper care of your neck, just like your face.

Clean your makeup brushes

Not cleaning your makeup brushes could be harmful to your skin when you use them later.

Careful with your eye shadow

Your eye shadow should be carefully applied over your eyelids to make sure it does not fall over your cheeks.

Nail care

Not attending to the needs of your nails can leave them uneven and yellow. Clean them regularly.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep will work wonders for your skin and your body. Sleep for 6-8 hours daily.

Maintain your diet

Eating healthy helps you look younger and more beautiful. Drink lots of water if you want your skin to glow.

Teeth Care

Brushing regularly and in a proper way keeps your teeth clean and healthy. Use a medicated mouth wash after brushing to keep your plaques and scales at bay.

Let your skin breathe

Suffocating your skin by applying too much on the makeup could be harmful to your skin.

Lip care

Many people don’t attend to the needs of their lips. Use softening creams and proper lipsticks to keep them in shape and beautiful.


Going over the top with chunky jewelry could be a terrible beauty and fashion disaster.

Be sure to clean your make up before signing off for the night. Also bear in mind that more chemicals for your soft and delicate skin can be harmful. Oil and massage your hair once a week and be happy on the inside as that naturally brings out your true inner beauty.