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What Food and Drinks To Consume for a Healthy Heart



What food and drinks to consume for a healthy heart

Even if you eat right and exercise, you may not be doing everything you can to ensure your heart is healthy. These days scientists, doctors, and nutritionists have managed to target specific food and drinks that can keep you ticking for years to come.

Planning a diet around these items can help you live a long and healthy life, especially if you have a history of heart disease, and you need to be aware of that as you plan meals.

Fruits and Vegetables for Heart Health

Eating fruits and vegetables daily is part of your plan to stay heart-healthy. Focus on as many green veggies as you can, and darker colored vegetables like carrots and spinach. Consider adding soy products to your diet, which are better for you than red meat, and offer benefits for your heart, such as more protein and lower cholesterol. Switch from dairy milk to soy milk, or replace meat dishes with tofu.

Apples contain heart-healthy flavonoids that can help lower your cholesterol. The potassium in bananas contributes to lower blood pressure, and blueberries are full of antioxidants that can help your heart stay healthy. Citrus fruit such as oranges and grapefruits are also essential to include in a heart-healthy diet. Consider having a healthy, fruity breakfast before you head out to go shopping for Mustang steering wheels.

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Other Fabulous Foods to Eat

Most everyone has seen the commercials touting oatmeal as a great way to lower cholesterol and contribute to heart health. Well, the ads are real. Whole grain oatmeal is loaded with B vitamins as well as fiber. A bowl a day is a boon for your heart. Add blueberries to your oatmeal for a yummy and healthy treat.

You may know that red meat isn’t good for your heart, but you can still enjoy fish. Salmon, in particular, is right for your heart because of the Omega-3 minerals it contains. Not interested in a fishy dinner? Skip the salmon and take fish oil/Omega-3 capsules instead. It’s a shame to miss out on the benefits of this even if you’re not a fish fan. Omega-3 can help lower high cholesterol.

You may think that since you have to watch your diet, you should avoid spicing your food or using too many flavorings. This is not true. Add flavor to food with natural ingredients, such as garlic, cinnamon, sage, peppermint, ginger, and even cracked red pepper! These spices are all proven to be good for your heart, so you don’t have to skip out on flavor when it comes to heart-healthy food. Pick up some spices when you go out to grab those new classic Mustang parts.

Raise Your Glass

Enjoy life with some tasty beverages that will help your heart feel happy! Indulge now and then in a glass of red wine. Red wine is full of antioxidants that are great for the circulatory system. If you’re not a drinker, concord grape juice will have the same effect.

Add beverages like green tea and tart red cherry juice to your diet. These are both high on antioxidants, and tart cherry juice is so full of heart healthy antioxidants, it may help prevent heart disease and even some types of cancers. Green tea is all around good for you, so sip a few cups daily to keep your overall health high.