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Weight Loss

Simple But Effective Weight Loss Advice



When people set themselves the goal of losing weight, more often than not, the first place they look to for information about how to do so is the internet. The reason for doing this is pretty obvious – the internet is full of completely free, tried, and tested weight loss advice. Therefore if people are willing to spend a bit of time researching what they can do to lose weight, they’re going to find some pretty useful information.

The only problem with this is that there is a lot of bad information about how to lose weight out there on the internet as well. This is largely because people want to make money from people who wish to lose weight so create extremely complex weight loss plans that people have to pay for.

However, this isn’t how it should be. Weight loss doesn’t have to be a complex task. As long as you follow the information in this article, you should be well on your way to achieving your weight loss goals. Always bear in mind that simple is almost always best.

Eat 6 Small Meals A Day

Every different diet that you look at will suggest that you should eat a different number of meals. Some will say that you should only eat one meal a day, some say you shouldn’t eat meals at all but should swap them all for shakes, whilst others will tell you to change the number of meals you eat every single day.

However, it has consistently been proven that if you want to lose weight you should eat a high number of small meals and 6 is the perfect number. The reason why doing this will aid in weight loss is because eating multiple small meals will boost your metabolism and will prevent you from ever feeling hungry.

This means that you are more likely to stick to your diet, thus keeping you on track. You should ensure that each meal you have is high in protein, contains some carbohydrates, and is accompanied by lots of green vegetables.

Carb Cycle

What a lot of people tend to do when attempting to lose weight is to cut out carbohydrates altogether. This may give the impression that it works at first, but very soon you will hit a weight loss wall, meaning that no matter what you do you won’t be able to lose any more weight.

Instead of doing this what you need to do is ease yourself into a low carb diet. Make a note of how much carbs you are consuming and lower them a little bit each day. This will make staying on the diet less mentally challenging and will work a lot better. Once you have lowered the carbs you should eat the same amount each day for around 6 days. On the 7th day throw in a high carb day. This will supply your body with energy and boost your metabolism by a huge margin.

Incorporate The Use Of Protein Powder

When people try to lose weight they tend to shy away from using protein powder. This is mainly because they think it’s going to put weight on instead of off. This is a common misconception and is the result of confusing protein powder with weight gain powder, which is completely different things. Using protein powder will actually aid weight loss helping you to achieve the goals you have set yourself a lot quicker. When choosing a protein powder you want to look for one that’s suitable for everyday use and is preferably a grass-fed whey protein powder.

Do Consistent Exercise

Exercise is crucial for weight loss. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to just do weight training or cardiovascular activity or a mixture of both but you need to do some form of exercise to lose weight. The basic principle of doing exercise for weight loss is to increase your heart rate when you are doing it and to get progressively better at it each week. This may mean running a certain distance in a quicker time or lifting slightly more weight. Regardless of what it is you just need to ensure progress is being made and that you are seeing definite results.

If It’s Not Broken Don’t Fix It

All of this is advice is extremely simple to follow and is proven to be very effective. One last important rule to bear in mind is that if something isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it. This means that if you are following a diet and doing a certain training regime and it’s working then you don’t need to change it. Too many people change what they are doing too often, which makes keeping track of progress and determining what’s working a difficult task. Remember just keep things simple, it’s almost always the best option.