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Five Foods that Can Help Alleviate Stress



We are all at risk of suffering from stress these days. Between our busy working lives and social commitments, it can be easy to feel as though we live more stressful lives than ever before.

Matters are made even worse if your hectic schedule means that you often skip the healthy option and go straight to the sort of convenient snacks which won’t do you any good in the long run. If you want to eat well and feel less stressed then here are a few types of food to try.


Milk brings you a range of health benefits and it is easy to include in your meals and snacks. Possibly the best way of doing this is to have some low-fat milk as part of your breakfast.  You will get lots of antioxidants and B vitamins this way, as well as protein and calcium. If you combine the milk with breakfast cereals in the morning then you will be adding more vitamins and folic acid to your breakfast and getting the best possible start to the day. Folic acid is regarded as a form of mood stabilizer and the rest of the properties here form a fantastic combination that will help you stay calm and positive. If you don’t have time to do a lot of shopping then using online delivery services will help you to stock up on milk and other healthy stuff without any hassle.

Cottage Cheese

If you don’t eat a lot of cottage cheese then now could be the time to start doing so. As well as being tasty it is also loaded with calcium and protein which will leave you feeling good. Best of all, it is so easy to eat as a snack that you have no reason to look for unhealthy substitutes which wouldn’t give you the same benefits. Try it with some wholemeal bread or fruit at lunchtime for a healthy meal which will fill you up as well.


Avocados are commonly listed as a superfood due to the number of excellent properties which they contain. They have a lot of monounsaturated fats and potassium in them and because of this, they are great at helping reduce blood pressure. If you want to lower your blood pressure levels by eating foods with potassium in them then bananas are another fine option you could consider.


Vitamin C is wonderful for bringing down your stress levels and for helping reduce your blood pressure as well. The good news is that you can get a lot of this valuable vitamin in tasty food and snacks. Oranges are among the most potent sources of vitamin C and they make for great snacks at any time of day. If you prefer to get this on board in a freshly squeezed drink then it can be a great addition to your breakfast.


This is another food which will give you plenty of that all-important folic acid. This ingredient is important because it helps your body produce serotonin which is a naturally produced chemical that can help you to stay in a positive mood. The B range of vitamins is also great for doing this.

If you have never eaten this food before then you might be surprised to see how many interesting recipes you can find on the Internet. There are several fast and simple ways of doing this so you shouldn’t think that leading a busy life means that you can’t enjoy it. In fact, the same goes for all of the types of food on this list and if you start to introduce so many healthy ingredients to your life then you can expect to find a number of health benefits as well as lower stress levels.