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A Barbecue, The Healthy Option!



If the sun is out, it’s the perfect excuse to fire up the grill. A barbecue is often seen as a healthy option when compared to other methods of cooking. The food is not cooked in its own fat and any excess fat simply drains off into the coals. A barbecue can be a great, healthier way to enjoy food.

If you want to stay healthy and enjoy your alfresco cooking, then keep reading. There are several favorites on the grill, but if you’re going to stay healthy, then the golden rule is to stick to chicken, fish, and veg. This may sound like a boring option, but there is so much you can do with these foods. People often struggle with fish and veg, but they are so simple.

BBQ Fish

Fish are versatile creatures and can be cooked in many ways. A smoked fish is a beautiful thing, but different fish react differently to the grill. Some can be grilled directly on the barbecue, and others need to be wrapped in foil, so they don’t fall apart and disappear into the coals.

Salmon and prawns seem to lend themselves particularly well to the outside cooking. Both salmon and prawns can be cooked straight on the grill, no need to pre-cook anything, but an excellent marinade or pre-smoking will make all the difference. If you don’t have a meat smoker, then the marinade is your only option. You will need to heat up a little garlic, lime juice and honey in a frying pan, stir it all together and heat for five minutes or so. Pour this marinade over your fish and leave for a while before you place them on the grill.

BBQ Vegetables

Most people don’t bother to do anything with the veg at a BBQ. It is often served as a side dish or on a burger. There is so much more that can be done. Peppers and sweet corn are great when they are char-grilled, cut the peppers in half and placed straight on the grill, leave them there long enough to blacken them. The sweet corn will take a little longer. Wrap the cobs in tin foil and put a little knob of butter in with them, place on the BBQ.

Potatoes also can be done on the grill. They can be baked in the coals, wrap them in foil and throw them in. Be warned that vegetables may take a while to cook, so you might want to start them off in the oven beforehand.

There are far too many options to go into here, but if you use your imagination, then the best barbecue will be yours.