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Trans Fats are Another Cause of High Blood Pressure



Trans fats are another cause of high blood pressure

The creation of margarine over a century and a half ago was the first introduction of trans fats into the human diet. These trans fats are now slowly destroying us today. You need to know how to avoid consuming these life-threatening fats to help prevent high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Butter was in high demand over 150 years ago and farmers couldn’t produce enough of it. The creation of its first major substitute was the introduction of trans fats. It also led to an increase in heart disease and blood pressure. The dangers of trans fat weren’t even known until 20 years ago.

Trans Fats In Our Food Supply

There were a number of problems with the supply of butter in the 1860s. Lewis Napoleon the third was an Emperor and provided a reward for anyone that created an alternative. A French chemist was the first one that created it. It was discovered within clarified beef fat.

It took over 40 years for the hydrogenation process to be created. And that’s when the dangers of trans fat really hit the public. World wars had made butter a hot commodity and that made it more expensive than ever. Margarine was a much lower priced alternative because it was only made from vegetable fats.

The hydrogenation process of vegetable oils causes a major rearrangement of chemicals. It’s the creation of trans fat. That’s what gives it its texture in room temperature. Trans fats do the same thing as saturated fats do for our bodies. Our body just can’t get enough of it.

Trans fat is a great alternative for baking and it’s not even as expensive as lard or butter. Companies that are working on food processing love trans fats for this reason. It can be found in many baked foods and fried foods. While it may make the producers of the food an awful lot of money, it’s not such a good deal for the consumer. Estimates have suggested that over 100,000 people died early in America from trans fat consumption.

Why Are Trans Fats Dangerous?

Your cholesterol is damaged most by the trans fats you eat. They encourage your body to gain the bad cholesterol while reducing the good kind. In fact, saturated fats only hurt your cholesterol about half as much as trans fats do.

There have even been studies suggesting that trans fats can damage the linings of arteries within the body. That damaged interior can cause arteries to harden and blood pressure to go up. One of the most essential factors in controlling and managing blood pressure is the linings of arteries. This damage can permanently effect the functioning which can cause high blood pressure.

Avoiding Trans Fats

Despite being used in margarine originally, the majority of margarine companies have come to their senses and removed these life-threatening fats. Today they’re mostly found in fried and baked products. They’re actually becoming more and more common due to their ability to help preserve food. Those are two great uses for food companies looking to make some money.

Some of the common places for trans fat are doughnuts, pastries, French fries, fast food, and even some apparently healthy granola bars. You need to look at the labels to be sure. You’re going to want to avoid any food that contains hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils.

Support From The FDA

Avoiding these fats is getting easier and easier over time. All trans fat included within a product needs to be included on the label. Since 2006 the FDA requires that nutrition fact labels include it.

Trans fat is unhealthy for you even in the smallest quantities. Alternate to something more healthy today. Some fat from some sources is good for you. Your blood pressure can be reduced with the use of some fats from sources like nuts, fish, and olive oil that will provide your body with just the healthy fat that it needs.