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Insanity, P90X or Body Beast: Which Workout is Better for Weight Gain



When it comes to health and fitness needs, nobody can satisfy you better than Beachbody. Home of fitness and health products is an answer to your health and fitness needs. Whether you want to slim down to size six or mass up to 20lbs, Beachbody has something for you. Beachbody does not leave you alone with a pack of DVDs to play at home, it targets all the areas to fulfill your fitness and health desires. A free coach to push you to complete your workout, 24/7 online assistance accompanies your workout program.

Beachbody workout for mass muscle gain

Give up your thoughts on gaining mass muscle using steroids and supplements. Beachbody supplements are free from supplements and are all-natural. Make up your mind to get supplements for spectacular fitness results. If you are given the liberty to choose among P90X, Insanity workout program, and Body Beast for gaining muscles, what will you choose?

You can make intelligent decisions by keeping your fitness goals in focus. Choose your workout according to your fitness goal:

Choose Insanity, if you:

Choose P90X, if you:

  • Want strength  and resistance training
  • Love weightlifting using multiple types of equipment like dumbbells, chin-up bars, and resistance bands.
  • The desire for full-body transformation and particularly show muscles
  • Can wait for 90-days for your fitness results
  • Want to modify your workout with lean, classic, and double schedules with the same technique.
  • Want a jaw-dropping outlook through weight lifting while using supplements

Choose Body Beast, if you:

Other options

You can try the P90X Insanity hybrid for more accelerated fitness results. The best thing about the insanity workout is that you do not need to invest in equipment and accessories. Body Beast for women is safe. It will not bulk you up instead you will get ripped off. It will aid you to get rid of extra body fat. All workouts are at best with varied fitness goals. Select your favorite fitness workout wisely!