Follow Chalean Johnson and Maximize your Health and Fitness Results!

Being a beginner in health and fitness is a constant frustration unless you get started with some expert advice. If you are a beginner, you might be frustrated what to do and what not to do. What instructor to follow and the thing that actually creates prior expectations and hope are workout reviews. If you are a beginner and looking for nay expert advice, your friends and family will ask you to go for reviews and get started.

Take your decision wisely!

What would be your line of action, if you find all the reviews positive or the entire reviews negative and you want to carry out that workout in future? To be more rational, the first thing you should consider is that, is that workout able to keep you motivated throughout your workout. In that case, you should follow Chalean Johnson.

Who is Chalean Johnson?

Chalean Johnson is a fitness, business, and lifestyle coach. She is the creator of three famous workouts i.e. Turbo Jam,Turbo Fire, and Chalean Extreme. She has 22 years of experience in fitness and was rated one of the top three instructors by IDEA fitness in from year 2005-08.

Turbo Jam

Turbo jam is low-intensity workout that is suitable for you being a newbie at workout. This workout has been designed to bust off your boredom that you would usually face at gym and other fitness clubs. It is great for you if you want to lose weight. It targets your upper body, lower body, and abs at a single time. You can burn up-to 1000 calories with this workout per hour. This workout usually comprised of five workout DVDs, along with “Elite 11” autographed moves on cards, so that you could practice your workouts at any place and anywhere.

The best feature of Turbo Jam Workout routine is its background music that makes this work out-a fun activity. You also get your nutrition guide, free coach and free 24/7 online support for your assistance.

Turbo Fire

Turbo Fire is an intense cardio-conditioning workout. It allows you to burn up to nine times of your body fat. It is based on the technique of “High Intensity Interval Training”. It has an additional feature of “New to class”. It involves quick moves that are available to you in the form of five workout DVDs, nutrition guide and class schedule calendar to monitor your workout progress.

Turbo Fire Workout is not at all recommended for people with beginner level of fitness. You will enjoy mind-blowing music with quick moves.

Both of the workouts are done without equipments like free weights and dumbbells. Chalean has done these two workouts for a long period then, her body stops responding to these workouts and finally she switched over to strength training. She created Chalean Extreme workout-that allows you to lift weights to keep your body fit and healthy. The best advice that could help you to stay fit forever is to follow Chalean Johnson health and fitness footsteps. Start today!

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