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Top 5 Foods That Suppress Your Appetite Naturally



There’s a reason why your stomach starts to grumble when you purposely do not eat, in order to lessen your calorie intake. We all want that flat and sexy tummy, but unfortunately, certain sacrifices have to be made. It comes with the feeling of wanting to eat more and consequently makes appetite suppression challenges.

When we get hungry, it is normal that we get irritable and cannot properly function in our day to day tasks. Did you know, however, that knowledge on what food to eat to suppress appetite may just be what we need in order to pursue a healthy diet and consequently get that goal of a flat stomach?

Here are the top 5 foods that can keep you full longer, which in turn makes you lessen your appetite for the kinds of unhealthy and fattening food that you crave. This is extremely helpful if you want to lose or maintain your weight.

1. Eggs

One of the main reasons for food cravings is because of the spikes in blood sugar. Protein is known to prevent this and can keep you feel full longer. Eggs are a good source of protein. One egg contains 13 vitamins and minerals, which include vitamin D and Iron. By eating this during breakfast, along with toast, this will let you get rid of hunger pangs in the middle of the day. Plus, there are many ways of enjoying eggs. You can scramble, poach or boil them and they would still taste as yummy.

2. Avocados

An avocado has 1.5 grams of protein, 4.3 grams of fiber, 1.5 grams of carbohydrates, 27.6 grams of fat, and 276 calories. If you think this would ruin your diet, then you’re wrong. 27.6 grams of fat is very beneficial for people who want to lose weight. This is because the monounsaturated fat in this fruit is responsible for keeping you full much longer. This speeds up your metabolism and makes you feel full sooner and in a lengthier period of time.

3. Oats

Although it isn’t encouraged to rely on oats alone in losing weight, incorporating this in your diet would help you get your desired weight faster. The reason why oats make you feel fuller longer is because of its soluble fiber and that it is a slow-releasing carbohydrate. It actually stays in the intestines much longer, thus you won’t feel hungry or crave for your favorite sweets or salts. These extra intakes of extra calories in between meals are going to go away once you eat more oats in your diet. The result is the desire to eat is lesser.

4. Apples

We are all familiar with the obvious health benefits of eating a single apple a day. It is because of the high fiber and low-fat content of this fruit why this has become a favorite among people who want to lose weight. Gastric stimulation is what makes a person hungry. Usually, the gastric stretch can be opened and will somehow be relieved if there is an intake of fluids. Apples have high water content. This makes us feel fuller in our tummies. Moreover, the skin of the apple can aid in making the blood glucose levels rise slowly.

5. Nuts

Nuts contain potassium, vitamin E, phytochemicals, and omega 3 fatty acids, The reason why nuts can make you feel full for a much longer period of time is that it is also very high in protein and fiber. Nuts also do not only make you feel full, but they also make you feel satisfied with what you’re eating. Admit it, they’re delicious. Moreover, nuts like macadamia, walnuts, and almonds are mono and polyunsaturated fats that are responsible for keeping you full and not crave for anything else and this is what makes nuts a favorite appetite suppressant amongst many people.