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Food Cravings Explained



If you are one of those people who has to look at food and you’re cravings it, then you may be victim to the industrious commercial superpowers. Television and print advertisements know how to make food look extra tasty to encourage you to want to buy it. What makes some food photos look so good? It’s the secret tricks of the trade. Whether you are looking in your new cookbook, glancing past a food blog, or watching the latest Olive Garden commercial, food photography knows how to shine. Here are some tricks that help make the munchies shot more appealing.

Larger Then Normal

Food in commercials is larger than life. The extreme close-ups are part of the plan; there is no accident here. Zooming in to see the holes on the bread is part of the plan to get you to want to eat it now. It helps to create the feeling as if you are having an intimate experience with the food. The result is you usually end up eating more.

Enjoy the Calories

In food photography, every calorie counts even if the portion size isn’t that large. The pros often show super concentrated shots of salt and fat and the refined carbs to showcase every bite and make you want to dig in. Think Taco Bell late-night munchies campaign, or Olive Garden breadsticks.

Shine On

The food you see in recipe books and on commercials is designed to help you look at it longer. The effect is usually a gloss or shine on the menu. Other globs of butter, three different types of cheeses, grease, and bacon, are the leading shine contenders.


Eating food on TV is always fun. You see, the people smiling as they take a decadent bite of the pizza or pasta. Why is it that they are laughing so bright? Is it because the food tastes good, or are they supposed to look like they are having a good time? A lot of cosmetic dentistry procedures happen before commercial photo-shoots. Many people like to have bright white teeth to shine for the camera. After all, the food doesn’t have to be the only shine.

But you don’t have to be on television to enjoy a beautiful bright smile. If you are considering doing a teeth-whitening procedure, do your research. See if an at-home kit is better for you. In general, the professional teeth whitening done by your dentist is the best way to go for whitening your teeth.