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Weight Loss

Healthy Weight and How To Get There



Knowing if you need to lose weight, and how to do so in a healthy manner

With all the airbrushed pictures, semi-anorexic supermodels, and a general guideline that skinnier is better, it can be hard to get a true, unbiased look into whether or not you are the correct weight for your height.

It’s important to enter the weight loss journey with the right frame of mind. While this post will hopefully lead the dedicated viewer to their potential ideal body type, you should consider throwing weight loss out as your sole motivation. More important than the weight loss is the physical and mental health that a change in lifestyle provides.

Step 1: Are You a Healthy Weight?

Instead of allowing that might-as-well-be funhouse mirror decide if you need to chuck a few pounds, consult Weight Watchers healthy weight calculator and see if your current weight falls within healthy parameters. This is an important place to start because it gives an unbiased view of what your scale should say. Even if you know that you will fall outside of the healthy weight limit I would still urge people to consult the calculator; consulting the calculator will give you a goal to meet. It will tell you when your journey will end.

Step 2: Pin Point Unhealthy Habits

If you’ve determined that you are not a healthy weight or if you are a healthy weight, but you want to do more to ensure a healthy lifestyle then your second step should be pin-pointing your unhealthy habits.

Habits, like not exercising, eating big portions, or eating lots of unhealthy foods, could be what is contributing to excess weight.

Step 3: What Can I Do To Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner?

Step three is to live healthily. Losing weight and keeping the weight off isn’t an easy fix.

Exercise. When we’re young skipping through the yard is fun. Daily exercise isn’t a concern. Unfortunately, adulthood often leads to less skipping and more sitting. It’s embarrassing, but climbing stairs can sometimes leave you a winded unhealthy mess. In order to circumvent this, it is recommended that you set up a weekly exercise regime.

In order to lose and keep off that weight, it is recommended that people exercise at least 250 hours per week. Don’t panic; start small. Losing weight is a long process. Set up an exercise schedule you can see yourself sticking with, and then gradually add on more time until you reach 250 hours.

Eat Healthily. Cut the corn syrup, sugar, and excess calories from your diet. Eat balanced meals and make sure that your diet covers all of the food groups even those dreaded vegetables. And spread out your meals throughout the day instead of eating three bigger meals.

Diet Supplements. Natural Fat burners and carb blockers like CLA Tonalin Fat Burner stimulate chemical reactions in your body that ensure that the weight is lost.  The fat burner is not a miracle cure. The website warns that the pills need to be “combined with a balanced diet and exercise” in order to help the body shed those extra pounds. Remember that diet pills should be supplements.

If you want to lose the pounds and keep the weight off, you need a plan. I’ve tried the miracle pill, shed the weight, and then gained it all back. It wasn’t until I combined the diet pill with exercise and a healthy diet that lost the pounds I wanted and discovered a healthier lifestyle.

Step 4: Make Sure You’re Not Falling Into Unhealthy Habits

If you’re going to start a new diet remember to watch out for unhealthy habits. Don’t binge, stop eating, or go crazy with the exercise. Unhealthy habits can be dangerous to the body, so you should reevaluate your exercise regime or diet if you think that you’ve taken it too far. Hair falling out, fainting, and obsessive and painful hunger pains are signs that your efforts to lose weight are unhealthy and should be changed.

It wasn’t until I started eating healthier, exercising more, and using diet pills as supplements instead of a crutch that I lost the weight. My body is a lot healthier, my mind a lot happier, and my diet more balanced since I decided to start eating and exercising better eight years ago. In the end, the success or failure of your diet will depend on how serious you are, and how much perseverance you show.