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Cycling Your Way to A Stronger and Healthier Body



Nothing beats the feeling of being healthy and strong. But there are many temptations and reasons to fall back into that ‘lazy’ mode and not exercise regularly. Often times, the reason is ‘too busy at work’ to go to the gym and do cardio or lift weights.

Other people resort to short-cuts such as taking weight loss pills that have not yet been verified and tested clinically. A lot of these so-called weight loss solutions come in many forms and the industry is packed with scammers and opportunists alike.

If you are going for a natural method of losing unwanted pounds while trying to gain strength and stamina, it is best to go for bike rides. The ideal bike to ride on is a fixie bike since these do not have the freewheel mechanism that allows riders to coast. What’s best about riding fixies aside from building strength around your legs is that it is also a great cardio workout. Long rides are the ideal situations since the longer the distance, the more pedaling power you’ll need.

Not only will you experience a form of a cardio workout during long rides, but also through your daily errands. Cycling in the bustling city can be tiring, but the flat and even streets are truly built for such riding.

For those who love stationery bikes, riding fixie bikes can make a difference. There’s no boredom or monotony of the four corners of the gym or your home when can you ride outdoors and bask in the morning sun. You would need to take a route with less traffic or ask other bikers where they usually ride. It is also ideal to ride in tandem, within a group, or with a buddy. This adds fun and excitement to an already satisfying ride.

Cycling at a specific speed and distance can help you gauge your riding abilities. You can increase the speed and distance after a week to determine your optimum riding capacity. Timing your regular rides also helps in determining the appropriate schedule and duration on a long-term basis.

But before you ride your bike, you will need to do some stretching and workout exercises to prevent leg muscle cramps and possible injuries. Constant pedaling can take a toll on your legs, but with proper pre-ride workouts, you can help your leg muscles gain strength over time. If you are hardcore about building strength on your midsection down to your calves and feet, you can incorporate core and strength-building in the gym with the guidance of a fitness trainer.

Positive Effects Of Cycling

Talking about the positive effects of cycling, there are numerous health benefits that usually focus on the skeletal system, leg muscles, immune system, and blood circulation, to name a few.

But before you can successfully achieve all these physical benefits, you will need to choose among the fixie bikes in the market. Whatever you choose will have an impact on your workout and riding regimen, so it is best to choose wisely with your health in mind.