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SlimGenics Weight Loss Solution: Program Overview



SlimGenics provides a personalized approach to weight loss. Diet supplements are standardized. Regardless of your weight, age, and other factors affecting your health, each supplement works in its own way. But with SlimGenics, losing weight is extremely different.

Weight Loss Program from SlimGenics

Personalized programs for weight loss are becoming very popular these days. Some dieters need guidance, motivation, and counseling to burn more fats and stay away from factors that shield them away from reaching their weight loss goals. Personalized programs can be obtained from magazines, health centers, and private practitioners. Each program has its own weight-loss strategies, limitations, and of course – cost.

Originally known as Slim4Life, this company has started operating since 2003 but changed its name only in 2009. Aside from offering products, they also provide one-on-one counseling services to clients. SlimGenics has three main centers which can be found in Colorado, Californian, and Minnesota; The customized programs take into consideration how much weight the client wants to lose, the health risk factors or any diagnosed medical problems, lifestyle, and level of physical activities they normally engage in.

Through the program, clients will have their own personal weight loss coach who will give them private counseling and individualized programs. The official website of the company claims no use of risky shots, surgery, and invasive weight loss treatments. They also provide pre-packed meals which are freshly made by professional nutritionists. You can imagine SlimGenics to be a one-stop-shop for all your slimming needs.

SlimGenics Programs

Center Program

With this program, clients will receive an individualized meal plan that is tailored to your health requirements, professional supervision from professional weight loss counselors, access to an online community of dieters, and the privilege to get counseling services at any center with no need to arrange appointments.

Corporate Program

Businesses can also obtain individualized weight loss programs for their employees and improve work productivity, reduce absenteeism, and lower healthcare costs.

Home-Based Programs

Clients who don’t have time to attend counseling sessions in the center can still get support from SlimGenics through their home solutions which include one-on-one support, an instructional DVD, coupon book, and membership to an online community.


Because counseling sessions are done in a private setting, clients can openly discuss their issues with their weight loss coaches in a candid manner. They will not attend group sessions except from the initial introductory meeting wherein the highlights of the program will be discussed. According to SlimGenics, clients can lose 3 to 5 pounds each week if they enroll in the program.

There are no secrets in their weight loss program. Just like all other weight loss schemes, SlimGenics incorporate healthy eating to physical exercise. Because of this, people can expect that there will be no risky side effects associated with the program. However, the key to success is hard work. Unlike medical procedures and diet supplements, you need to give time and attention to the workout programs offered by SlimGenics to get the most out of it.