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When to see a periodontist


We live in a world of consumerism at each turn we make. Advertisements for various products and services splash our phones, our television, our roads, and almost everywhere you hang out. Unfortunately, your income does not skyrocket as much as the products and services that everyone sells to you.

However, some services serve an essential role in our lives and help to ensure that you live a fulfilling and happy life. Your health plays a vital role in achieving happiness. Ensuring that you take care of your dental health will aid you in realizing your dreams by keeping you vibrant, self-confident, and eloquent wherever you go.

Dr. Archer M. Katz a general dentist in Emerson, NJ, specializes in various dental related procedures and offers consultancy to give you the proper dental health care.

Teeth Bonding

This procedure helps to rehabilitate decayed, discolored teeth from smoking and other chemical contacts as well as fractured or unevenly spaced teeth.

A chemical substance made of composite resin serves as the material used for filling the discolored areas or the fractured or open spaces on your teeth. The expertise of the dentist aid to spread the resin over the affected areas and trim using ultraviolet rays to achieve a proportionate look.

Dental Implants/Bridges

Do you have any teeth missing? This is the solution to give you back that excellent look. A dental implant serves as the roots placed on the missing tooth area, on which the artificial tooth anchors during the replacement.

If you have a sensitive root or do not wish to puncture the root, bridges serve as the solution. The bridge consists of crowns placed on neighboring teeth to act as anchors and the replacement tooth placed in the middle. The neighboring teeth support the replacement tooth through the crowns.


You may prefer a less invasive procedure to repair a broken, discolored, or disproportionate tooth. Crowning gives you that solution by crafting a crown over the ailing tooth. The doctor files the tooth and prepares a cap that fits the crown required. A crown made of metal or porcelain is prepared, and the temporary cap removed. The crown serves as the permanent, long-lasting solution to the ailing tooth.


You may have looked at some of your desired models and noticed how perfectly aligned their teeth look. Well, it could be good genes, but the look is achievable with a visit to the dentist. Braces help to align teeth that may not align well with your mouth. It helps to space the teeth by applying a brace evenly. The brace pulls the teeth to proper alignment.

Treating Gum Disease

Opportunistic infections may attack our gums and teeth. The disease manifests itself as gingivitis and escalates to periodontal disease that affects your jaw bone and teeth. At the early stage of the disease, proper cleaning and disinfection will solve the problem. When the condition gets severe, then you will have to undergo corrective surgery.

Screening for Cancer

Mouth cancer is another disease that affects our oral health. It manifests itself on the mouth tracts from our lips, our tongues, and down to our throats. Cancer remains a major killer disease and a significant reason why you should arrange for general check-ups at least twice a year. The dentist will check for lumps and abnormal tissues around your head and inside your mouth.

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