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Change Your Hair Without Really Changing It



No one ever seems to be happy with the hair that they have.  It’s either too frizzy, or too flat, or not blonde enough.  If you cut it or dye it, then it’s too short or still not blonde enough; you wanted more of a Marilyn Monroe, not Hannah Montana.  It doesn’t help that every time you watch E! or browse the internet some celebrity has changed their hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus cut off her hair; Rihanna got hair extensions; Jennifer Aniston changed her hair some way, and it still looks amazing.  It all makes you want to change it more.  Instead of dying it or getting it cut, why not try hair extensions.  It’s a change, but not a permanent one; you can easily take them in and out, and they can add a fresh look to your bored, tired hair.

What you need to know

Extensions can be bought at any beauty supply store or added in by any stylist.  When it comes to picking extensions of course you want something that’s similar to the color and shape of your hair, but the real question comes down to synthetic or real.  Synthetic is cheaper, but real hair lasts longer and looks, well, real.  Real is also easier to dye and style than synthetic.

Extensions made from 100% Indi Remi human hair are going to be the best bang for your buck when looking at real hair extensions.  It is the highest quality and looks great longer.  It can also come pretreated without any chemical alterations, which, again, make it look more real and last longer.

Taking care

No matter how long whatever extensions you end up buying say they’re going to last, they aren’t going to if you don’t take care of them.  As with normal hair, you want to brush them and wash them.  A shampoo with low or no sulfates will help the extensions last longer, and be sure to use a conditioner frequently, so they don’t become brittle.

It’s never good to wash your hair every day in general, so don’t feel like you have to wash your extensions every day.  In fact, it’s better to do it just once a week.

The next important thing with extensions is to make sure that they don’t become tangled.  It’s just not good for them.  And the biggest barrier to non-tangled hair is sleeping.  Your beautiful Indi Remi ocean wave extensions can still suffer from bed head. How often have you woken up and your hair is just a bird’s nest of clumps and tangles.

To ensure that you can still sleep without ruining your extensions, it’s recommended that you bind up your hair and cover it, like with a bandana.  Above all, when it comes to taking care of your extensions, listen to what your stylist says.  They’re trained to know the best way to keep your extensions looking great.