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Make a Bold Hair Statement: Have Feather Extensions Applied



One of the hottest hair fashion trends that seem to be gaining popularity is having awesome feathers attached to your natural hair as a type of extension. This fashion trend was believed to have been started by teenage girls and has grown to be a global fad. While the color variations seen areas multi-colored and ever-changing as the people who wear them, there are two different ways to attach the feather extensions to your hair. If you’re looking for a way to quickly add a pop of colour to your hair, like the rich and famous do, you can either have the procedure done at a hair salon or you can save money by doing it yourself.


The great thing about putting awesome feathers in your hair is they don’t cause damage. Feathers are less permanent than dyes or hairpieces, but just like a hairpiece or your natural hair, they can be washed, dried, and even curled. There are two basic methods of adding the feather extensions to your hair – they can either be attached to strands of hair near the root with a loop of micro-fibre and a bead or they can be clipped in.

Where to have them Applied

There are quite several hair salons that have begun offering feather hair extension placement as part of their services. There are also dozens of hair supply companies both online and offline that sell not only these awesome feathers in a rainbow of colors and color combinations but the tools to do your feather hair extensions.

With the right tools and by following a few simple instructions, you can clip, snip, and place your pops of color in your hair. According to the feather extension sales sites, with a little bit of practice, the average person can, after a few applications, become quite the expert at preparing and placing awesome feathers in their or their friend’s hair in a matter of minutes.

Required Tools

The tools that are needed to place feathered hair extensions are feather bundles, silicone microbeads, scissors, needle-nosed pliers, and a great deal of patience. The beads are used to make a loop through with the micro-fiber on the end of the feather bundle, a section of your hair is pulled through the loop, the bead clamped down with the needle-nosed pliers and voila – you have feathers in your hair for a subtle or boldly colored fashion statement.

These awesome feathers are taking the fashion industry by storm. What color and style will you choose?